Tucker Carlson interviews Alex jones of INFOWARS

December 10, 2023 | 6 Comments »

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  1. Madeline…Why were you so interested in a creature like Jones that you paid such close attention to his activities, including the wrangling in his divorce.

    I heard him once, and 15 minutes were enough, I thought him crazy, and that he sounded as if he had throat cancer-or similar.
    A thing like Jones is to be avoided like the plague. Besides any so-called
    called Jew who would marry a person like Jones, is hardly a Jew.

  2. Must be hard for Alex now. His ex wife, with whom he had three children, is Jewish. I say she is Jewish because he said so in the divorce proceedings of a few years ago.
    So how does fatso explain that to his kids? Or G-d forbid, they get attacked, and then put on a Jewish star and move to Israel. Deal with it, Jones.