Tucker: Democrats do nothing to discourage rage mobs

August 30, 2020 | 8 Comments » | 261 views

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  1. Apocalypse Now? Maybe.No one seems to be considering the possibility that the 2020 Presidential-congressional election could cause the collapse of the u.S. economy, and even the collapse of the United States as a united entitity with a functioning central government.

    Nancy Pelosi has vowed to contest every single Trump vote in the election and to bog down the vote-counting process with endless appeals. Throughout the campaign and the following “long count” of the votes,(which will make the infamous long counts from the Dempsy Firpo and Dempsey-Tunney fights look very minor indeed) riots will continue as the Democrat-affiliated BLM and Antifa organization try to force the ballot- counters to fix the election for Biden. If Trump is ultimately declared the winner by the Supreme Court, the Marxist-anarchist terrorists will stage a terrorist uprising throughout his second term.

    While there might be less riting if Biden is declared the winner, the rioting, burning and looting will not stop entirely. The revolutionaries will still have a bone to pick with the police and with white people generally. Riots will probably continue whenever a policeman kills or seriously injures a black man, regardless of the circumstances. Demands for the abolition of the police, or at least their evacuation of black neighborhoods will continue, and will continue to receive support from some Democratic government officials.

    As foreigners and rich Americans witness all this, they will conclude that America is no longer the “safe haven for investment” as it has been seen by investors since Alexander Hamilton’s reign at the Treasury Dept. from 1789 to 1795. They will pull their money out of the United States and move it to foreign countries, perhaps mainly in Europe, but also Canada, Australia and New Zealand and Japan. Some may even move it to China, because the government there has maintained order in its fashion. This massive sell-off of U,S. securities and real restate will cause the U.S. economy to collapse. There will be hyperinflation, as the value of the U.S. currency against the other major world currencies collapse, making the cost of all imported goods, which are the majority of goods that Americans consume, to skyrocket. American banks, investment banks and brokeridges will go bankrupt, along with most American corporations. The Fed will respond with massive money-printing, but that will only make the inflationary spiral worse.
    the Federal government and most state and local governments will become bankrupt and will be forced to lay off millions of workers, end social security, Medicare and Medicaid payments, etc. There will be no money to fund police and fire departments, so crime will explode and much of the country’s infrastructure and housing will burn down.

    The U.S. will then become a failed state a la Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Federal government may be forced to ask Canada, France and Britain to send troops to the U.S. to help restore order. After 240 years, the two colonial powere from America’s past may be forced to return to salvage what is left of their American ally.

  2. Here are some recent photos of the pro-Trump car rally attacked by BLM people, who appear to have shot dead a Trump supporter. Oregon’s governor blamed President Trump for the man’s death. The police apparently came in time to pick up the body.

    In Oregon, it seems, ordinary citizens like the man who was killed, don’t merit police protection. There are signature drives afoot to get rid of Kate Brown; but so far, she is still in office, oppressing my fellow citizens.

  3. @ Honeybee:
    Hi, Honeybee
    Many of the Patriot drivers are also from Portland — as was, apparently, Aaron Danielson, the victim of the cold-blooded murder last night. I’ve been praying for a complete political flip in Oregon this year. Portland mayor Ted Wheeler has been openly condemned by even Leftist groups, who mocked him a while ago when he tried to mix with the mob. Governor Kate Brown has a widespread petition campaign afoot demanding her resignation, Anti-terrorist hero Alek Skarlatos is doing extremely well in his campaign to unseat 4th Dist. Dem. Congressman Pete Defazio. With God’s grace, they will all be retired by the coming election.

    During the COVID pandemic, most of us old farts have been indoors; but we are generally VERY pro-Trump. By election day (We have had mail-in voting for year, and know how to handle it), you will see our numbers. Even among the younger set, you can see by the size and vigor of the Patriot rallies that the people of this state are fed up with the Dems.

    So far, if you can believe the polls (which you can’t), Oregon is still a bit of a long shot. I’m looking to prove the pollsters wrong.

  4. Here is a pretty good assessment of voter reaction to the riots:


    Dr. Turley certainly allocates blame where it belongs; and I agree that a “civil war” of sorts MAY happen; but I think that is an extreme possibility. The unrest reminds me a lot of the riots in the 1960s, with the important exception that today, in complete contrast to then, the Democrat mayors and governors of the afflicted states have been siding with the rioters and condoning their activities. That difference could suddenly disappear, if the voters throw out the Democrats. We’ll see.

  5. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

    Attributed to Joseph Stalin

  6. @ yamit82:
    Yamit, Let me remind you that in the original US Constitution, states were not even required to hold ELECTIONS for presidential and vic-presidential electors. The method of choosing electors was (and as far as I know, still is) entirely up to the states. California, Illinois and New York can and do stuff the ballots all they want, but this has no bearing on the electoral college results. This is one of the “checks and balances” that have made the US constitution the most long-lived in the world.

    Oregon has had universal mail-in voting for several years now, so this is not our first rodeo.

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