Tucker on the incredible popularity of Black Lives Matter


June 16, 2020 | 8 Comments » | 756 views

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Black Lives Matter is not a political party as Carlson says, but a criminal gang syndicate posing as a political movement. Its objective is to establish the right of blacks to commit crimes, especially drug dealing, without fear of arrest, and to insure untrammeled gang rule of black neighborhoods, or “ideally” the whole country.

    The popularity of Black LIves Matter is similar to the popularity of the Nazis in Germany. Both movements relied on a mixture of street violence, hate propaganda, liesand scapegoating of innocent people to obtain support. Except that the Nazis, before they achieved absolute power, were never as popular as Black Lives Matter.

    “He whom the Gods will destroy they first make mad.”(Euripides).

  2. BLM movement as described by Tucker which I believe is accurate describes a Fascist Movement that if allowed to continue will possibly cause anarchy and the destruction of the USA.

  3. I have tried to comment in both the Wall St Journal and my Next Door app about BLM and BDS and been “ edited out “ numerous times.

  4. @ mikewise1:
    Reality of the stats has nothing to do with them. They want to take down the USA the way it is. They want reparations and want no police forces. This is a black anarchist group. Who is anti-Semitic to the core!

  5. @ mikewise1:
    Nice chart, Mikewise1.

    What we have been seeing lately seems like Hitler’s strategy of making his likes outlandishly big, so people would believe them. It goes along with the Antifa thugs, who even LOOK LIKE Mussolini’s Black Shirts, claiming to be “antifascist” as they push their fascist agenda.

  6. BTW, I see that the increasingly filthy commune in Seattle called “CHAZ” has re-named itself “CHOP” (whatever that means). I suggest that they change the name again to “Crazies Rioting Against Police”, or “CRAP”.

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