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  1. I think we have been far too tolerant of kendraa’s presence here and she needs to be barred from posting.

    . . . either barred from posting, or posted at a bar.

  2. Yes, but it is a very good thing for certain individuals to be dead in the short run.

    I have my short list who’s on yours?

  3. I think we have been far too tolerant of kendraa’s presence here and she needs to be barred from posting. She is anti-Israel and is here to provoke us.

    I believe she comes from a long line of provocateurs and none of them could spell. Funny that they all made the same spelling mistakes though.

  4. The American empire must fall. it is inevitable.

    And she accuses me of being disloyal to America while she wants to see America fall.

    The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq could have had a positive impact if we had actually fought a real war instead of a politically correct war. It isn’t that the wars shouldn’t have been fought but they should have been fought like we did in WW2.

    As far as Iran, I sure hope if America doesn’t act, then Israel will. I know that Kendraa, as a typical Jewish liberal, is indifferent to a potential nuclear holocaust upon the Jewish people in Israel. Anyone who opposes a preemptive strike against Iran is either shortsighted and cannot see the long term dangers of a nuclear armed Iran over the short term consquences of attacking Iran, or they actually want Israel wiped off the map.

    I think we have been far too tolerant of kendraa’s presence here and she needs to be barred from posting. She is anti-Israel and is here to provoke us.

  5. I never thought I’d see the day that yamit and p____n agree.


    “War solves nothing”? In a sense, they are right: wars never prevented new wars and cannot prevent terrorism. But, as Keynes remarked, “In the long run we’re all dead.” Taking too long a perspective nullifies any solutions because current measures have very little impact on remote events. A war on the Taliban would not affect German terrorists a hundred years from now. Nothing would. In the long run, there are no solutions: no war failed to produce eternal peace, but neither does any peace treaty. France and Germany fought some time after signing a peace treaty, and signed a peace treaty after fighting. War solves nothing, and peace also solves nothing; in the long run, nothing solves anything. But within reasonably short time frames, wars are remarkably effective: Germans were stopped by war, and so were Arabs on multiple occasions. The Israeli war on Palestinian terrorism stopped the two Intifadas. Peace, on other hand, changes nothing but only formalizes the facts established by war. After the Germans were utterly defeated, peace ensued regardless of whether a peace treaty had been signed. After Israel defeated Syria, there was peace even without a peace treaty.

    War changes facts, and peace is only the name for the resulting change.

  6. From “Moral Inflation” The Ayn Rand Letter March 1974:

    “There still are people in this country who lost loved ones in World War I. There are more people who carry the unhealed wounds of World War II, of Korea, of Vietnam. There are the disabled, the crippled, the mangled of those wars’ battlefields. No one has ever told them why they had to fight nor what their sacrifices accomplished; it was certainly not ‘to make the world safe for democracy’ – look at that world now. The American people have borne it all, trusting their leaders, hoping that someone knew the purpose of that ghastly devastation. The United States gained nothing from those wars, except the growing burden of paying reparations to the whole world … .”

    To that we must add thet devastating moral and psychological effects of America’s two wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the very real impending war which are now being groomed for against Iran. The writing is on the wall. The American empire must fall. it is inevitable.

  7. NATO has no defined purpose or function other than to supply a lot of well paying jobs for a lot of redundant military and civilians in many countries. Billions are poured into militaries who couldn’t fight their way out a paper bag. Most are chocolate armies manned by chocolate soldiers. NATO is essential for the military industrial complexes in both America and Europe. There are too many vested interests for keeping NATO going and keeping Turkey with a semblance of a real army inside. Turkey alone could take on all of Europe quite easily., In a few years they also will have the bomb then what?

  8. I don’t understand why Turkey is not kicked the hell out of NATO. We are a superpower but we act as if we are weak and helpless, allowing these putrid regimes like turkey to wreak havoc when they ought to be put in their place.