Two-State Delusion? How Biden’s Policies Are Prolonging the Gaza War

T. Belman. Kontorovich offers the best defense of Israel I have ever listened to.

American Thought Leaders interviews Eugene Kontorovich Mar 30/24

While many say Gaza is becoming another “forever war,” expert Eugene Kontovorich says Israelis are actually on the verge of victory, with just one remaining Hamas stronghold to overcome.

But, he argues, the Biden administration seems to be holding Israel back from achieving this victory. Why?

Eugene Kontorovich is one of the world’s preeminent experts on the Israeli–Arab conflict and a professor of international and constitutional law at George Mason University. He is the man to talk to to understand what’s really going on Israeli-Hamas war.

He’s been following the region closely for years and in this episode, he breaks down some serious misconceptions being perpetuated by mainstream media, governments, and the United Nations.

March 31, 2024 | 1 Comment »

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  1. This was quite a clear explanation of the destructiveness of the United States team Biden vis a vis Israel. While they make purchases of military equipment available, still Israel seems to remain in a dependent relationship with the US. It makes no sense to be dependent upon one’s adversary for one’s survival, and the US has been essentially waging war against Israel by other means since the Iranian Revolution.

    Given that Israelis feel everything has changed for them since October 7th, maybe they will decide the US-Israel relationship is now pathological and abusive to Israel and needs to be totally reworked. That might involve going to other countries for arms purchases and/or beginning to manufacture some of the weapons in Israel. The US might remain one option, but not the only option for weapons purchases. This would liberate Israel to defend herself as she sees fit.

    This is yet another reason to clean house in the Israeli military intelligence complex which has gotten very used to US relationships and is invested in continuing those maladaptive and abusive relationships. Israel needs new thinking in this area.