U.S.: It will be hard to support Israel in UN if it steps back from two-state solution

Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman says U.S. will be ‘watching very closely’ what happens on Palestinian issue once new Israeli government formed.

By Barak Ravid , HAARETZ

U.S. Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman on Monday warned Jewish leaders that if the new Israeli government does not demonstrate its commitment to the two-state solution, the U.S. will have a difficult time continuing to assist its efforts to halt international initiatives on the Palestinian issue at the United Nations.

Sherman told a conference of the Reform Movement that the U.S. has always supported Israel and given its diplomatic backing in the international arena, even when it meant standing alone against the rest of the world.

“We have always had Israel’s back in the international arena, even when it meant standing alone,” Sherman said. “This will continue to be the case.”

Nevertheless, she said, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions during the election period “raised questions about his commitment to the two-state solution.”

“We will be watching very closely to see what happens on this [Palestinian] issue after the new government is formed,” Sherman said. “If the new Israeli government is seen to be stepping back from its commitment to a two-state solution that will make our job in the international arena much tougher… it will be harder for us to prevent internationalizing the conflict.

Sherman’s comments come amid France’s efforts to advance a new initiative to reach a Security Council resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. According to the French initiative, a Security Council decision would include principles for a solution to the conflict, such as the delineation of borders for a future Palestinian state, according to 1967 lines and with land exchange. Sherman’s remarks were essentially a veiled threat indicating that the U.S. will consider not imposing a veto on a resolution of the kind.

In the days leading up to the election, Netanyahu held an interview with the NRG website, which is affiliated with the right-wing, in which he said that if he were chosen prime minister, a Palestinian state would not be created. A few days before that, Netanyahu said that the Bar-Ilan speech, in which he had declared his intentions for establishing a Palestinian state, was no longer relevant in light of the security reality in the region.

A day after the election results were finalized, Netanyahu tried to fix the damage done with his words. In an interview with NBC, he said that he had not meant to retract his Bar-Ilan speech and that he supported the two-state solution, but that “circumstances” had to change.

“I don’t want a one-state solution,” Netanyahu told NBC. “I want a sustainable and peaceful two-state solution, but circumstances have to change for that to happen.” He added that he had “never retracted my speech in Bar Ilan [University] six years ago. What has changed is the reality.”

The White House did not accept Netanyahu’s clarification. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said in a speech at the J Street conference in Washington: “We cannot simply pretend that those comments were never made.” The leftist audience received his remarks enthusiastically. He also said: “Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely,” he said. “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”

A few days later, President Barack Obama told reporters at a press conference that there is “real policy difference” between himself and Netanyahu when it comes to the need to establish a Palestinian state. This dispute, Obama added, will have ramifications for U.S. policy regarding the Middle East peace process.

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  1. LOL!!! How convenient that Ravid fails to mention exactly who Wendy Sherman is and what she is busy doing when she is not threatening Israel. Ms. Sherman, after being in charge of the oh so successful efforts to prevent North Korea from going nuclear in the 1990s, was chosen probably because of her failure rather than in spite of it, to head up the negotiations to keep Iran from obtaining Atomic weapons. So, perhaps, just perhaps, Ms. Sherman is issuing her threats as a way to get Israel to stop sounding the alarm about Iran, and refocus on that wonderful peace process that has been such a huge success over the past 20 years. Not as successful as Ms. Sherman’s anti-proliferation efforts, perhaps, but at least she can point out someone else’s failures for a refreshing change of pace. Meanwhile, back in Switzerland, she is busy providing cover for Iran’s nuclear weapons programs. “Pay no attention to the Mullahs behind the curtain.” Meanwhile, where is the evidence that any leaders of the “Palestinian” Arabs have any interest whatsoever in a two-state solution? [sound of crickets chirping]

  2. @ Ted Belman:

    It wouldn’t be hard at all. Obama just wants to bring us to our knees and that’s is the motivation.

    I agree that Obama is the problem. I hope the GOP stands up to him.

  3. U.S.: It will be hard to support Israel in UN if it steps back from two-state solution

    Really! It seems hard for you to support Israel ANYWHERE!

  4. This whole “UN-Jewish enterprise”, as is often referenced as above, which is real and exists can no more be easily corrected in the US than can it be corrected in Israel. The main reason is money and along with that greed. How many people in Israel are being supported by organizations which are at their very core, enemies of Israel. How many Israelis work , are prostitutes for such organizations. The very exact same thing in the US, EUROPE and virtually everywhere else. Even the universally respected Moshe Arens cashes a Haaretz check, does he not. There is no price to pay for treason, in our twisted community, repugnant vermin.

  5. Two state solution?

    Not even the Palestinian Arabs want it!

    Just who in the world is Wendy Sherman trying to kid?

    That train left the station long ago.

  6. Again the “ha’aretz” resent about?
    Raviv, part of the renegade unJews gangs directed by Mr. Obama, got crushed in the last elections here yet are still working for the same entente formed and financed from overseas to sabotage both of our peoples and countries.
    The US administration by Mr. Hussein Obama … (ahem)… has as much a choice to harm us as the fellowship has intentions or ability to stop Iran’s plans.
    The State Department, since before 1948 remains committed to either prevent or destroy the state of Israel.
    It is high time to bring the whole package to a head.
    The internal wars fomented within the US by Mr. Obama will take priority.