UN Condemns Counterterrorism

By Robert Spencer
com | Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Organization of the Islamic Conference, the largest voting bloc at the United Nations, has succeeded in pushing through the UN a resolution condemning the “defamation of religions.” That’s “religions,” not “religion” – yet according to Cybercast News Service, “although the resolution refers to defamation of ‘religions,’ Islam is the only religion named in the text, which also takes a swipe at counter-terrorism security measures.” The OIC has been pushing hard for such a measure ever since cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten late in 2005.

The resolution denounces “laws that stigmatize groups of people belonging to certain religions and faiths under a variety of pretexts relating to security and illegal immigration.” Muslims, it says, have suffered from “ethnic and religious profiling…in the aftermath of the tragic events of 11 September 2001.” This is the fault, in part, of “the negative projection of Islam in the media.” The UN voices its “deep concern that Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.”

Such statements betray the assumption that any association of Islam with violence and terrorism is entirely the fault of non-Muslims. The fact that Muslims themselves routinely commit violent acts and justify them with reference to Islamic teachings is a fact we are not supposed to notice — and indeed, if the sponsors of this resolution had their way, we would not be allowed to notice. CONTINUE

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  1. #3 email received

    America was always in favor of Israel vacating the territories but sought that vacating to be the result of agreement between Israel and the Leadership of PA. That said we can’t know if the media reports were spin re: to Americas initially reported objections. After all Abbas was opposed to Israel withdrawing without agreement so one might say that America took the side of Abbas and the PA. Once convinced that Sharon would proceed in any event they climbed aboard and sought to determine and manipulate the consequences. By pushing for elections against Israeli objections shows just how out of touch America was and is from even a min. of understanding the middle east, Israel and certainly the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. Every poll I saw during that time showed Hamas either leading or even with Fatah and certainly our experts predicted correctly the election results. There was no secret as to why Sharon chose disengagement over seeking an agreement or living with status quo, and it had nothing to do with the Peace process but personal and internal Israeli exigencies.

    There is a lot of grass roots support for an Israeli disengagement from the iron grip of America , at least where policy decisions are concerned. Israel has demonstrated over the years that when left alone and virtually friendless of Big power diktats that the country unites around common purpose and threats and has in the past overcome most if not all of her most serious problems and threats. Disengagement does not mean break in relations but a more normal relationship where at least Israel is free to determine and work out her own problems and destiny.

    Israel has had her finest hours when she was friendless and alone. The Jewish community outside of Israel was also more supportive.

    When asked what could be worse than losing the support of the United States, he stated:

    “when our administration provides more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.”

    Isn’t this the case now? The Arabs are getting cumulatively much more than Israel and Americas policy towards Israel is designed to control, restrict and to whittle down Israel step by step. Nothing new or what we already didn’t know. What American Jews don”t understand yet is that those same forces are also targeting American Jews and Judaism itself.

  2. email rec’d

    the man may be correct in his analysis, but he is way off target about gaza disengagement.
    sharon actively tried to convince the bush admin to support the disengagement. bush was opposed to it. it violated the road map.
    sharon sent dubby weisglass to washington several times to plead for disengagement.
    thus i am suspicious with regard to this person’s intelligence or memory.

  3. It doesn’t take any special knowledge of intelligence, or any security clearance, at all, to know what’s been happening to Israel. It is white guilt and delusional visions of war (as detailed in the laughable Geneva Conventions), through and through, and it is happening inside Israel as much as in the US. The US has been trying to abandon Americans (and worse) with the various pushes for amnesty for illegals and paths to citizenship, so an abandonment of Israel should not be surprising to anyone.

    The modern push has been to destroy the viability of all nation-states and to treat the concept of national sovereignty as a joke. This is the guilt-ridden, Utopian-driven post-WWII West doing what it is driven to do … and it is suicidal.

  4. …intelligence work “that has been molded and massaged to advance the agendas of a select few.”

    Sounds a little like treason. We’ll find out for sure if the US is attacked again.

    Is this what the Founding Fathers of the US worked so diligently to produce?