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CONFERENCE: The Jordan Option – The Ultimate Alternate Solution

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Increasingly, Israelis and their government have turned away from a two-state solution as envisaged by Pres Obama, and began looking for an alternate solution.

Many such solutions have been tabled by various Israelis, chief among them being Naftali Bennett, Caroline Glick, Martin Sherman, Moshe Feiglin but none of which have gotten any traction.

The same goes for the many variant “Jordan is Palestine” proposals made by such people as the late Benny Elon, Arieh Eldad and David Singer.

Nevertheless, I have been working with Mudar Zahran for six years, to formulate a plan, involving Jordan, which is a vast improvement over all other proposals. We call it The Ultimate Alternate Solution.

The goal of this plan is to enable Israel to annex the entire West Bank (Judea and Samaria) without the need to provide a path to citizenship for the local Arabs.

The beauty of the plan is that it doesn’t require the consent of the PA or of Jordan. It just requires the embrace by Pres Trump. He must engineer a  way to remove the king from power and to install Zahran and his coalition as the interim government.

To make it even more attractive, such interim government plans to offer citizenship and the “right of return” to all “Palestinians” wherever they may live. Needless to say, it will mean the end of the PA and UNRWA to a large extent.

This then opens the door for Israel to incentivize the local Arabs to emigrate to Jordan. Zahran intends to build a new city in Jordan to accommodate a million new residents.  This will create jobs and stimulate the economy. These homes will be purchased on behalf of any Arabs willing to emigrate and given to them on arrival.

We have organized an all-day conference on The Jordan Option – The Ultimate Alternate Solution  and began promoting it. The conference is to take place at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem on October 17/17. Go to this link and learn more about it.

On learning about the conference, King Abdulla was not happy. In fact, he was apoplectic. He coordinated his efforts with Abbas. He mobilized Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to make public pronouncements against such a plan.

I then wrote King Abdullah of Jordan needs to abdicate.

In response, Abdullah went so far as to have the Jordanian press publish an article on August 18 totally devoted to this conference, which read in part:

“There are Jordanians participating, and the state must take all deterring measures, and the Jordanian state’s mind must be firm in reacting to these pro-coup stances and to punish those taking part and also recall the Jordanian ambassador and take all legal and diplomatic measures to stand in the face of these major  changes to come, which target the national security and have put together a full program on purpose aimed at creating a perfect picture for the reader and for the mind of the Jordanian state as well as the consciousness of the Jordanian citizen, who, by the way, shall never tolerate anyone touching our national security, and is willing to give away his blood and soul for that.“

Since then, the entire Arab world is discussing the conference and the plan. Over 150 articles have been published there dealing with it.

One particular article was published in an Arabic daily in the UK which damned Zahran.

Much more information is available here.


We have brought this plan to the attention of Pres Trump and PM Netanyahu. Based on feedback we have received, they are paying close attention. I can’t say more.

And we are just beginning.


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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. If the Jordan Option occurs it will not be because the USA annointed Mudar. The USA does NOT control the Jordanian military. If Jordan boots the King someone need to do this from the inside.

    I am in favor of Israel applying Israeli civil law to all of Judea/Samaria and the local Arabs moving on their own accord or with financial assistance to Jordan or elsehwere.

    Israel still needs to keep capturing the terrorists and their supporters in the Land of Israel. This problem is not solved by the Jordanian option even if it comes to fruition.

  2. Bear Klein Said:

    If the Jordan Option occurs it will not be because the USA annointed Mudar. The USA does NOT control the Jordanian military. If Jordan boots the King someone need to do this from the inside.

    On the contrary.

  3. @ Ted Belman:
    So that is basis of the plan having a chance to come to reality. Obviously you should disagree with me or you are knowingly spinning your wheels.

    Trump has stated he is not into nation building and does not care to tell countries how to run their affairs as long as they are suppressing terrorists. The King seems to be checking all the boxes.

    Hopefully you and Mudar know something the rest of us do not know and this is not wishful thinking.

  4. That is what I always said to try resolve the conflict… one has to go back and stick to legal international resolutions made by the “League of Nations” after the parceling of the defeated Ottoman Empire. Several Arab countries were created and “Palestine” was destined to become the National Jewish Homeland. The British managed to persuade the League of Nations to chop off some 76% of the area called “Palestine” to give it to the Hashemite’s for their own purpose on the expenses of the Jews. That should be the blueprint for a just and lasting peace. Jordan remains in Arab-Palestinian hands (preferably without the little king) and Israel keeps the remaining lands “from the River to the Sea”. This is already a huge concession by the Jews and this is already a big concession by the Jews since the initial area promised to them was reduced by 76%.

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