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T. Belman. Very important article. We are being bullied to accept the Left’s view of things. Anyone who resists and maintains independence of mind is then smeared or blackballed or called racist. The lynch mob attacking Trump do not accept free speech or even free thought. Group think is the order of the day.


1. The lines between the different political camps are becoming more and more clear. The herd of individuals, where everyone things exactly the same and there is no one who will so much as peep out of tune with the chorus, vs. the free thinkers, who are not giving in to the media’s violent attempt to educate us about what to think and to what extent we should observe the commandment to be horrified.

U.S. President Donald Trump did not condemn the riots in Charlottesville in the exact manner that would have satisfied the political correctness crazies. Indeed, if it had been up to me, I would have written him more stringent remarks. But the thought that he did not address neo-Nazism severely is utterly ridiculous (he went back and explained his intention) and aimed at delegitimizing him and the people who voted for him. We are very familiar with that tactic.

2. The more I went back and watched his response to the incident, the less I got the impression that his remarks were “the strongest defense of racism and white supremacy by a senior American politician since the 1960s,” as journalist Nadav Eyal irresponsibly wrote in Yedioth Ahronoth. It was certainly no “defense of American Nazism,” as Eyal went on to say with appalling righteousness. Eyal didn’t rest until he had compared Trump to Nero (!), the same tyrant who according to legend fiddled while Rome was burning. Nothing less. What will happen when all the possible comparisons are used up — will we get to Hitler?

As crazy as it sounds, even this was heard in the storm of insanity that gripped the leftist media. Hemi Shalev lost it in the “defeated” family newspaper Haaretz: “He [Trump] gave the supporters of the Ku Klux Klan and fans of Adolf Hitler a present more valuable than gold.” Nice, right? And here’s more of Shalev’s nice spirit: “The president of the U.S. helps Nazis, anti-Semites, and racists.” Take a look at his article and you’ll see that there wasn’t a curse or insult Shalev didn’t include in his ridiculous piece against Trump.

3.  The joke is that for decades, this righteous bunch — which moralizes to everyone other than themselves — were the main propagandists for the biggest murderers of Jews since World War II. PLO founder Yasser Arafat was, for them, an innocent statesman who wanted to make peace, while Israel was responsible for preventing it. The leaders of the worldwide Left worshipped almost every regime of terror that opposed the West: They supported Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hezbollah, Hamas, and more. For them, Israel is worse than the Nazis. At almost every left-wing demonstration in the U.S. and Europe, no matter what it’s about, we can find anti-Israeli-ism, which is just anti-Semitism in disguise.

True, we need to fight neo-Nazis without compromise and condemn them in every way possible, but sick individuals like David Duke can be dealt with easily. He will remain on the fringes of the American Right. The same cannot be said for radical left-wing organizations: They penetrated the heart of the Democratic Party and are dictating the discourse, so even fair Democratic elected officials aren’t able to oppose the stupidity without encountering a media lynch.

4. What disturbed the Left was the accusation that they were violent in Charlottesville, too. It’s true; leftist violence also exists. Do you remember the violent demonstrations immediately after Trump was elected president or at the G-20 summit? And it’s not just physical violence: Who is it that silences conservative and right-wing lecturers on university campuses — Mother Theresa? Who consistently and evilly fights against the existence of the only Jewish state and against its right to defend itself from its enemies — the Ku Klux Klan, or the multitude of left-wing organization that hide behind hazy “human rights,” which mean rights for everyone except Jews?

Here’s the rule: When everywhere you turn you see unity and an ideological phalanx that force us to think one way and not another and try to force us to see reality in only one way, you need people of truth who will battle this steamroller of consciousness and present alternative ideas.

5.  It’s hard to believe the moral horror that is enveloping us from every side. We didn’t see it in other cases, for example when former President Barack Obama addressed the terrorist shooting in the Hyper Cacher market in Paris in January 2015 that murdered several Jews as “random shots fired at a group of people.” What was that, if not politically correct forgiveness for an anti-Semitic murder? Would you have imagined a front page like the one we saw from Yedioth Ahronoth on Thursday, with its hollow headline “The disgrace”? They won’t give us a moral stamp of approval. Our sages taught us: “Adorn yourself before adorning others” (Bava Batra 60b), that is, act properly before requiring others to do so.

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