US and Kurds may work together

Erbil to form joint operation room with US 

Kurd Press

Iraqi northern region of Kurdistan is planned to establish a joint operation room with the US and reports of the room will soon be released, a Kurdish official said.

Peshmerga Ministry Media Chief Halgurd Hekmat said the possibility of forming the room has been discussed and due reports will be released soon.

Denying the possibility of any US-Peshmerga forces’ joint operation in Mosul, Hekmat said it is too early to talks about Mosul’s release as the attempt depends on US stance and Kurdistan Region’s agreements and its leaders’ accords with Baghdad leaders.

The US forces will be in Erbil for coordination not for war, he said, continuing that due to Iraq crisis there are US military advisors in Kurdistan Region and “their presence is reassuring for us.”


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  1. These events may be seen in a larger context by noting an article I wrote on behalf of the Kurdistan National Assembly’s Sherkoh Abbas:

    America Must Recognize Kurdistan – Jewish Policy Center,d.aWw