US calls for resumption of peace talks

It is worth noting that this call for negotiations happens on the eve of coalition negotiations, obviously to affect them. Secondly, Obama expects Israel to get them started regardless of the refusal of the PA to join such talks. Finally Carney said “without preconditions”, a Bibi demand, and he was silent on ’67 lines with swaps. Ted Belman

Yitzhak Benhorin, Reuters

WASHINGTON – The White House on Wednesday renewed its call for a resumption of long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in the wake of Israeli elections in which Prime MinisterBinyamin Netanyahu emerged the winner but with a weaker-than-expected showing for his right-wing bloc. 

White House spokesman Jay Carney declined to speculate on Netanyahu’s efforts to forge a new governing coalition after Center-Left parties scored surprising gains but said President Barack Obama would likely call the prime minister to congratulate him on his election win.

“We believe that what needs to take place is direct negotiations between the two parties (Israelis and Palestinians) that addresses the final-status issues and results in a two-state solution that provides the sovereignty that the Palestinian people deserve and the security that the Israeli people and Israel deserves,” Carney told reporters.

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17 Comments / 17 Comments

    No Arabs will show-up. They have no interest to die or be killed (by their own) for peace.
    Still the West will blame IL for refusing to commit Harakiri (Seppuku). In any case this is against Judaism.

  2. There were never genuine peace talks, and everyone knows it but everyone is playing along pretending. When are we going to put a stop to this deceitful and fake theatre of the absurd. Every one knows furthermore that the Fakestinians have no intention whatsoever to abide to any of the by them signed agreements and will never settle for anything less than the whole land and without any Jew in it. They say it openly day in day out and prove it by their criminal misbehaviour…

    nor live up to their

  3. @ the phoenix:
    Thank you, Phoenix. I guess that those mad scientists could fix the overpopulation problem in no time.


    I’d also like to clarify why I said 6 million Israelis at the closing of my talkback, and not the official 8 million or so. The reason is that Arabs with citizenship call themselves “Palestinians with Israeli citizenship” – not Israeli Arabs. I’m just respecting their right to call themselves whatever they want.

    The latest: Gaza is improving the training of its Hamas-Hitler Youth. – The darlings, don’t they just deserve a country of their own?

  4. @ Canadian Otter:

    AND THE WINNER OF THE DARWIN AWARD could be humankind itself

    Omg, otter youhave said (in a more elegant way) the same thing I have posted after I saw your elephant link…. I just saw this comment now…and I fully agree with it.

  5. @ Canadian Otter:
    Oh, otter, that was beautiful….
    We have far too few gorgeous creatures on this blue planet and far too many humanoids,1.5 billion of which , are just a pathetic excuse for belonging to the human race.
    Once again, Pareto principle at work:
    80% of the problems come from 20% of the population.
    Identify and eliminate the 20% and you’ve solved 80% of the problems in that sample.

  6. AND THE WINNER OF THE DARWIN AWARD could be humankind itself, for their dangerous tinkering with society and the planet. ~~~~~ Today’s news: Scientists have ended their self-imposed ban on creating a mutation of the bird-flu virus that could spread from human to human. If that virus escaped the lab (and scientists are notorious for being absent-minded) it could kill much of the world population. – So far the virus only spreads from animal to animal, and from animal to human. In the entire world the number of human cases is only 359, 159 of them in Indonesia. A relatively minor and localized health problem.

    Scientists’ reckless disregard for safety in the name of experimentation reminds me of the ongoing pathological US obsession with FIXING the Israeli-Arab issue. ~~~~~ Yesterday I posted an American think tank study that found DUH! that Israel is the Middle East country with the most freedoms. It’s prosperous, modern, peaceful, and tolerant.~~~~~ But the US govt wants to fix that. ~~~~~ The present US Middle East Policy has left a path of devastation in the area, with thousands killed and many more left homeless – while bad tyrants are replaced by even worse ones. The domino effect of that policy is still ongoing, with terror in Mali one of the latest disasters. And there’s more to come, particularly if the US succeeds in creating the State of Palestine. ~~~~~ But the US barrels forward with their demand for partitioning tiny Israel in order to create a dysfunctional, bellicose, corrupt, anti-Semitic and terrorist Arab country. Perhaps Israelis could send a letter to the State Department and the White House saying THANK YOU for your concern and for telling us what’s best for us. But no thanks. We’ll manage our country ourselves from now on. Regards. Signed, Six Million Israelis.

  7. I said Obama operatives would rig the election in favor of the left. Of course they could only go so far without raising suspicions, so Bibi was allowed to win but put in a weaker position.

  8. Sure U.S. Show us how it’s done. There doesn’t seem to be much peace between you and your enemies – so get to the table. It wouldn’t hurt if you made peace with your allies either.

  9. @ Shy Guy:

    The current WH occupant can’t even fake behaving like a friend of Israel.

    This bastard has been demonstrating over and over what a lying hypocrite, taquyia-spewing sob he is. I do not think that there is a sane person that still thinks of this ‘anointed’ pos, in any positive terms.
    Ever since that infamous photo of him with his friggin’ feet on the desk (!!!) talking to THE PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL (!!!), I hope that he goes to see a play at a theatre or goes for a leisure drive in a convertible in Dallas.

  10. As if we don’t have enough problems here at home this government sees fit to inject itself in the business of Israel.

    Wouldn’t it be a lot better if this government said to Israel, “We support your endeavor to maintain security and peace for your nation, should you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask”.

  11. Peace talks are impossible.

    I wish the White House good luck in getting the Arabs to the table.

    If it wants to inflict masochistic torture on itself, that’s its affair.

  12. but said President Barack Obama would likely call the prime minister to congratulate him on his election win.

    Likely”??? Can anyone recall another US President who didn’t instantly call a newly elected Israel PM to congratulate him? And always before attempting to suggest or dictate this or that foreign policy of theirs?

    Can we please get an updated photo of Hussein Obama making the call to Netanyahu with Obama’s feet up on the desk again?

    The current WH occupant can’t even fake behaving like a friend of Israel.