Values trump unity

By Ted Belman

Dennis Prager recently wrote Obama’s Calls for Unity Are Not What They Seem.

    If those who call for unity told the whole truth, this is what they would say: “I want everyone to unite — behind my values. I want everyone who disagrees with me to change the way they think so that we can all be united. I myself have no plans to change my positions on any important issues in order to achieve this unity. So in order to achieve it, I assume that all of you who differ with me will change your views and values and embrace mine.”

I agree. My view is that advocacy requires selling your own view. It doesn’t mean compromising for unity. People who call for unity are tired of the ideological struggle. They value unity above all else and have no other value, otherwise their values would require them to fight for them.

If everyone shared the same values that would be best. But that rarely happens. We are doomed to fight it out in the market place of ideas. We may alter our positions somewhat to win the fight. We do so not for unity but for power.

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