By Andrew G. Benjamin

WIKI: The Wannsee Conference (German: Wannseekonferenz) was a meeting of senior government officials of Nazi Germany and SS leaders, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference, called by the director of the Reich Main Security Office SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, was to ensure the cooperation of administrative leaders of various government departments in the implementation of the final solution to the Jewish question, whereby most of the Jews of German-occupied Europe would be deported to Poland and murdered. 

France was a part of the plan.

And the irony of ironies? The idea for the “Zionist Entity” began in France.


France’s serial Jewhaters and murderers, as have Germany’s socialists, first hated the Jews living amongst them before the wars, and then hated Zionism after the wars. Zionism, meaning the sovereignty movement of the Jewish People – reinstating of the Jewish homeland to its rightful nationhood to its rightful people, to which Jews can escape from the haters. Ironically the serial Jewhaters had inadvertently themselves created Zionism as an idea. In the same fashion Obama & Co had created the Donald Trump phenomenon.

And their hatreds created the Jewish Homeland as a fact on the ground. As Obama’s hatred will create the One State Solution: restoring the West Bank to its rightful heirs. 

KARMA or Poetic Justice? Call it what you will.

Today the French haters and their descendants live in a nation overrun with Jihadists murdering innocent French citizens at will: at rock concerts, in restaurants, and on the streets. The irony is, they had exchanged France’s Jews for non-Europeans into whose neighborhoods no Frenchman can step, never mind in which they can live. It is the same fate these people wish for the Jews of Israel – a place where no Jew can live. Socialism, otherwise known as, “Share the Misery.” 

A French Socialist Fugue: Dreyfus, Hertzl, Petain, Francois Hollande & Francoise Kerry

Today’s French leaders and the international socialist’s desire is to uncrate Zion, and to create on its ashes a free-of-Jews fourth Palestinian Arab state. Jordan being the first, Gaza the second, the West Bank the third, and Israel the fourth. The problem never were Muslims who have fifty-plus all-Muslim states free of Jews right now.

The problem is that the Jews have one state they can call Jewish, specifically meant for and established for Jews as a refuge from the Jews’ haters, European and Muslim alike.

Why this recent phenomenon? Simple: The Jew’s haters have been unable to “get even” for global Jewish success. Jewish success and gifts to the world is gnawing at their craw.

Where this story begins.

Theodor (Binyamin Ze’ev) Hertzl sat as an observer and journalist at the political trial of Richard Dreyfus falsely charged for treason. During the trial, he heard the howling mobs outside, the same kind that howl today at Donald Trump’s success, screaming DEATH TO THE JEWS! DUMP TRUMP!

This story brings us into modern times and last week’s meeting of 70 nations organized by France’s socialist prime minister Francois Hollande and America’s socialist Secretary of State, Francois Kerry, a true French patriot in the Wansee mold sent to Paris by a true proto-Muslim patriot who proposed the meeting in the first place, socialist Barack Hussein Obama. The purpose of this global socialists and Islamist gathering of good will with whom the two ideologies had made common cause from the get go (right after the recent UN resolution that delegitimized Israel’s claims to land it had under the Mandate; the very same UN has legitimized earlier), was to hammer another sickle into Israel’s humanist coffin.

Not so curiously, much earlier the socialists had made common cause with the Islamists. See the Mufti of Jerusalem with Adolph Hilter: OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.

The irony, as fate and history always turns against the Jew’s enemies, turned into a new beginning, this time with the Inauguration of President Donald Trump, and the projected move of the American Embassy to Israel’s 3300 year-old capital and seat of government, Jerusalem. It would be recognition of what we have all recognized: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital – and it was never in history an Arab-Muslim capital, not matter what are “Palestinian Aspirations.” At least that move would, if it took place, represent Social and Poetic Justice of the Hebrew kind, and too, the Irony of Ironies.

It would represent not the UN’s and political left’s habit of regularly scapegoating and demonizing Israel. Rather, The Jewish State’s restoration among the community of nations and its deserved status as That Shining City on the Hill – an example for all of mankind to see what freedom looks like and experience what freedom can accomplish – and an opportunity to join the good.


In 2016 the United Nations chose to pass 20 resolutions out of a total 23 condemning tiny Israel just to prove that Israel is the worst thing to happen to mankind; proving too, the passers of the resolutions, the greatest of tyrannies, women and LGBT abusers and violators of human rights, are the best things that happened to mankind.

Zion, as it is known among Jews, or Israel, its formal name in history, happens to be the greatest evil on Earth, and arguably the outer planets as well. This is the accepted narrative according to the Judeophobics and antiSemites at the UN and the leftwing world who have no problem with Muslims raping and beheading the Christians of Europe, or even with the genocide ongoing in Africa and Syria. Genocide for which not the Muslims doing the drowning, setting to fire alive, beheading and raping have been blamed, but rather Israel, that had nothing to do with any of it. In the same sense Israel is being blamed for the violence and terrorism and outright wars Muslims have been waging on it and its citizens, and innocent Jews worldwide. And the rest of the world.

It appears to the casual observer that if it were not for Israel and its problems with the squatters otherwise known as Southern Syrians or “Palestinians,” so goes the “logic,” Muslims would stop believing in the Q’uoran that commands them to murder Jews and Christians, each other, and the citizens of the West otherwise known as “infidels,” “deplorables,” and “irremediables.” Wishful thinking. The Islamic Invasion of Europe, North Africa and the Mideast aflame has nothing to do with Israel or the Jews. It has to do with Islam. 

The same nice folk attending Wansee II and their forebears who wanted to kick the Jews back to where they came from for centuries, Israel, now want to kick the Jews out from where they came from, Israel. 


The persecution of the Jews continues apace today without pause as persecuting them was the central premise of the various socialist movements throughout history, as each and every socialist version was based in the envy and resentment of the better man, the higher achiever, the industrious, the uncorrupt, the beautiful and successful, and the good. Not just the Jews. All people of excellence were subject to and victimized by the socialist deception, envy and the resentment. 

Nazi socialism, Soviet socialism, European EU and Scandanavian socialism, Russian nationalism – which is a subchapter of – and American socialism-crony capitalism that was repudiated wholly, timely, and decisively in the United States. 

The unifying premise of all socialist movements is that the exceptional and the outstanding are to be shunned, diminished, reviled and then excluded, and if necessary, destroyed in the name of equality and “social justice.” Social Justice proposes that the excellent. rather than needing protection from the less excellent, should be denied protection because he deserved what he got. And from this premise we have today’s UN and the Paris Wansee II “Peace” Conference that has as its underlying understanding that no matter how much land Israel gives up, no peace will come until it gives up all the land, and there won’t be any SAFE SPACE left for the Jews anywhere on earth. 


In love with the idea of GLEICHHEIT ÜBER ALLES (equality at all costs), the Jew regularly upsets the socialist apple cart of low expectations and mediocrity as the desirable norm, that personal irresponsibility is acceptable, and the notion that a person cannot, should not, stand on his own two feet and elevate himself; that he cannot be held responsible for his own acts and failures or asked to perform to a higher standard or suffer the consequences.

A person, says the socialist ideal, should not be responsible for the sum total of his life’s decisions. Having failed as an individual free of personal responsibility, the person is then free to blame others for his failures. For two millennia the Jews were blamed for personal, social, civic, military, financial, and natural disasters of every kind imaginable.

The socialist premise holds that the community is responsible for the person’s safety and welfare, that the individual cannot and should not defend his personal self and family, even if the STATE cannot – or will not. The person shall not stand up for his rights, especially not for individual rights, because a man is, after all, not an individual with self-determined self-interests, but rather, a grain of salt in the communal salt shaker of shared community interests shared by mediocre outcomes. Socialism turns out to be racist too, as you will see. 

The socialist organizing principle presupposes that a group or organization – or academe or media tied to the same shared socialist principles – should decide what man should think. And by extension, what man should possess. 

They will never teach man how to think or how to make for a better life for his family, or how to work for possessions worthy of possessing. 


To prevent isolationist, original, and revolutionary out-of-the-box thinking, universities and media have been staffed with over 96% “unprogressives” which is what they really are. That term is not a misnomer, for in fact today’s media and university is in lock step with an outmoded and discredited ideology of proven failure and lack of excellence, aka regression, and out of step with ideals of genuine progress, meaning tied to creativity and original thinking that moves mankind forward. We have the metrics in the decline in scholarship throughout America and the world as the evidence.

We speak of self-determination and the independent thinking necessary to forge one’s future, the freedom to act and to be to move nations forward. Independent thinking in the socialist utopia is considered revolutionary and therfore undesirable – for it is revolution against the status quo.

The US elections of last November is one case in point.

The problem with the Jew – at least the Israeli Jew – was always that he was thinking.

For himself.

Thinking ahead as an individual, rather than a member of a group; or of an accepting the echo chamber “group think” best exemplified by America’s Democrats who can only operate in approved Safe Spaces.


The Jew blames not others for his personal failures and for the unwelcome choices he made for himself. 

The Jews are hated because they are not fatalists, but take FATE into their own hands.

Because they are free thinkers.


How a Tribe of Desert Namads Changed the Way People Think and Feel – the New York Times

The Jew is the original Free Thinker and Revolutionary. That is why the Jews were always leading political movements AND religious movements. Some of these movements failed for good reasons that were, incidentally, twisted by evil people to their own ends, the results often turned into tragedy not of the Jew’s making, but rather the making of the evil men who perverted ideas that they then poorly executed.

Free thinking was why the Jews were always at the top of their game in the sciences and the arts, in finance, medicine and cures, film and entertainment, computer and security technologies, military and civilian both, and new ideas in general. That is why Israel is today second only to the United States in technologies  that benefit mankind. That is why Israel’s technology sector is larger and more productive and innovative than Silicon Valley’s and New York’s combined. That is why Israeli businesses dominate Wall Street’s NASDAQ.

The Jews are why we have international finance, banking and commerce, and a modern world in the first place.

Put another way, a society without Jews cannot be a modern, progressive society that has the innumerable advantages Western societies enjoy. Wherever you see modernity, industry, commerce and a better life for a nation, with few exceptions you’ll probably find the Jew.

The Jews are the world’s first genuine progressives, as progress has meaning completely divorced from today’s clichés of leftwingisms. Jews have modernized the world and even modernized how you think…which does not mean you can think how Jews have learned to instinctively think, often many moves ahead, and in multiple dimensions.

It is why being far less than 1% of the global population, Jews have always dominated chess.

Why most of the great chess players are jews? – Chess.com 

Which explains why that tiny sliver of land called Israel won its many wars against overwhelming odds and crushing enemy forces many times its size.

Which gets back to why the Jews are hated among those who attended Paris’ Wansee II conference assembled to remove the Jew’s legitimacy to their ancient homeland – chiefly to benefit Muslims whose homeland the Land of Israel never was. The conference faltered at the end, but the idea will never die. The Jew is an affront to barbarity, indecency, corruption and sloth.

They prevail, they excel, they win, and more often than not, stand above the socialist-minded cauldron of humanity and the mediocrity they accept as the norm; a humanity that cannot stand the idea of a small and apparently defenseless people, and a small state, bettering them and surviving.

The Jews represent modernity in all its splendor, making it a better world for all.


More importantly, the same socialism that inevitably and naturally weakens the social fabric and celebrates failure over success, threatens the Jew and a capitalist Israel and capitalist United States. It fails to recognize the power of hate that drives their religion of envy, low expectations, and repeated failures.

The Jews are hated because they are successful.

The United States is hated because it is successful! 

The Jew is hated because he is free.

The United States is hated – even more today after November 8, 2016, because it is free. 

Socialism threatens all free people, not just the Jews. Socialism of any kind threatens liberty.

Into this background, history and narrative arrived the first Zionist. Binyamin Ze’ev Theodor Hertzl sat as an observer and journalist at the political trial of Richard Dreyfus charged with treason because he was a Jew. What he was in fact was an exceptional officer and French patriot in the real mold. A hero.

“Hertzl was educated in the spirit of the German-Jewish Enlightenment, and learned to appreciate secular culture. In 1878 the family moved to Vienna, and in 1884 Herzl was awarded a doctorate of law from the University of Vienna. He became a writer, playwright and journalist. The Paris correspondent of the influential liberal Vienna newspaper Neue Freie Presse was none other than Theodor Herzl.

Herzl first encountered the anti-Semitism that would shape his life and the fate of the Jews in the twentieth century while studying at the University of Vienna (1882). Later, during his stay in Paris as a journalist, he was brought face-to-face with the problem. At the time, he regarded the Jewish problem as a social issue and wrote a drama, The Ghetto (1894), in which assimilation and conversion are rejected as solutions. He hoped that The Ghetto would lead to debate and ultimately to a solution, based on mutual tolerance and respect between Christians and Jews.”  –The Library 

The Dreyfus Affair

In 1894, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French army, was unjustly accused of treason, mainly because of the prevailing anti-Semitic atmosphere. Herzl witnessed mobs shouting “Death to the Jews” in France, the home of the French Revolution, and resolved that there was only one solution: the mass immigration of Jews to a land that they could call their own. Thus, the Dreyfus Case became one of the determinants in the genesis of Political Zionism. 

Herzl concluded that anti-Semitism was a stable and immutable factor in human society, which assimilation did not solve. He mulled over the idea of Jewish sovereignty, and, despite ridicule from Jewish leaders, published Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State, 1896). 

Herzl argued that the essence of the Jewish problem was not individual but national. He declared that the Jews could gain acceptance in the world only if they ceased being a national anomaly. The Jews are one people, he said, and their plight could be transformed into a positive force by the establishment of a Jewish state with the consent of the great powers. He saw the Jewish question as an international political question to be dealt with in the arena of international politics. 

Herzl proposed a practical program for collecting funds from Jews around the world by a company to be owned by stockholders, which would work toward the practical realization of this goal. (This organization, when it was eventually formed, was called the Zionist Organization.) 

He saw the future state as a model social state, basing his ideas on the European model of the time, of a modern enlightened society. It would be neutral and peace-seeking, and of a secular nature.” – The Virtual Library

This January 15-17, along with 70 nations organized by Francois Hollande, arrived John Francois Kerry, emissary of Barack Hussein Obama. Outside, as well as inside the conference room, the howling mobs were back in force. This time Israel – and International Jewry – were once again on trial for the treason of being kind, productive, non-violent and and successful, and for successfully having defended themselves. Mostly for surviving against all the odds.

Mostly for agreeing with the progressive idea of social justice, that Jews can live anywhere they please – including the land apportioned to the Jews by the League of Nations, precursor of the United Nations, under the Mandate, San Remo and other existing agreements. Judea-Samara, aka the West Bank.

The West Bank is no longer a legitimate Jewish claim said Barack Hussein proto-Muslim Obama, even if Jews had continuously lived there for 4000 years and Muslims have not. The link proves that even the Palestinian Arabs recognized the cited partition plan during its time – and had no issues with it! Building apartments in the West Bank, said Barack Hussein Obama of two Muslim fathers and a Muslim mother who converted to Islam, is a Jewish Land Grab, as he and the 70 nations at Wansee II grabbed the Jewish Homeland.

There they stood in Paris, lined up in a row, smiling, the judges in their robes of fakery and hypocrisy and historical revisionism and legal ignorance, Francois Hollande, the spirit of Vichy and Petain who shipped the Jews to the ovens, Francois Kerry, and behind him, unseen, Barack Hussein Obama with a Big Wide Grin.

And outside the howling mobs wearing Palestinian keffiyehs screamed DEATH TO THE JEWS! and DUMP TRUMP!

For the 117th anniversary of the death of Theodor Herzl, there will be a special Theodor Herzl Memorial Day service on July 17, 2014. Theodor Herzl,  (born May 2, 1860, Budapest, Hungary — died July 3, 1904, Edlach, Austria), founder of the political form of Zionism, a movement to establish a Jewish homeland. His pamphlet The Jewish State(1896) proposed that the Jewish question was a political question to be settled by a world council of nations. He organized a world congress of Zionists that met in Basel, Switz., in August 1897 and became first president of the World Zionist Organization, established by the congress. Although Herzl died more than 40 years before the establishment of the State of Israel, he was an indefatigable organizer, propagandist, and diplomat who had much to do with making Zionism into a political movement of worldwide significance.  – International Center for Countering Antisemitism


POST SCRIPT: Not everyone agreed with the generally-accepted historic view narrated here. However, the conclusions are inescapable and expose the corrosive and evil nature of anti-Semitism and the socialist ideology that stands in the modern world behind it.

The FORWARD 2014 “Discussing his biography of the father of modern Zionism, “Herzl: Theodor Herzl and the Foundation of the Jewish State,” Avineri asserted that through examining Herzl’s diaries and letters, he concluded that the Dreyfus affair did not preoccupy Herzl’s thoughts at that time. Only in hindsight would the fate of Alfred Dreyfus come to be seen as a pivotal moment both for European Jewry and the history of the Zionist movement.

Rather, the background to “The Jewish State” was the collapsing scenery of 19th-century Europe and specifically the Austro-Hungarian Empire which had, up until that time, been “the best country for Jews in Europe” and had been referred to as the “goldene medine,” even before the United States. “

During the 1890s, however, “nationalism threatened the unity of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,” while the advent of democracy resulted in the emergence of “racist, populist, and anti-Semitic candidates” for office. This affected Herzl’s city of Vienna, where Karl Lueger of the Christian Social Party won municipal elections in 1895 by decrying “corrupt liberalism” and charging that Jews controlled the Austrian economy and the press.

Lueger’s campaign indicated that part of this disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and of Europe more generally was the emergence of anti-Semitism as a reaction to Jewish emancipation. This anti-Semitism, Avineri writes in “Herzl,” “stressed the ethnic and racial character of the Jews, not their religion.” 

Moreover, “it was not their suffering and weakness that sparked the new hatred — it was their success and their power, whether real or imagined.”


© Andrew G. Benjamin



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  1. EU major financial backer of BDS organizations

    the ones who slandered and slaughtered jews for 2000 years have stalked the jews back to their homeland and pay the honor killers to do their dirty work now. We should welcome the destruction of the EU jew killers just as I welcome the arab spring whereby the enemies slaughter each other.
    Solution: more muslim terrorists to europe… either they will wake up and see what they tried to visit on the jews or they will be justly engulfed in flames… a welcome euro spring for the jew killers


    What kind of deal did the Pope make with Abbas?

    Rumours going around say that in return for Papal recognition of “Palestine” Abbas gave exclusive rights to the Vatican, as protector, over holy and historical Christian sites in Jerusalem and throughout the pretended “Palestinian” state and thus excluded all other Christian sects.

  3. Read Robert Harris, An Officer and a Spy. A novel based on the life of Dreyfus.
    Try it. You’ll like it.

  4. “It is against their own insoluble problem of being human that the dull and base in humanity are in revolt in anti-Semitism. Judaism, nevertheless, together with Hellenism and Christianity is an inalienable component of our Christian Western civilization, the eternal “call to Sinai” against which humanity again and again rebels.

    – Herman Rauschning, The Beast From the Abyss, pp. 155-56

  5. There is a famous story in which the Kaiser asks Bismarck, “Can you prove the existence of God?” Bismarck replies, “The Jews, your majesty. The Jews.”

  6. “For the Jewish impact on humanity has been protean. In antiquity they were the great innovators in religion and morals. In the Dark Ages and early medieval Europe they were still an advanced people transmitting scarce knowledge and technology. Gradually they were pushed from the van and fell behind, by the end of the eighteenth century, they were seen as a bedraggled and obscurantist rearguard in the march of civilized humanity. But then came an astonishing second burst of creativity. Breaking out of the ghettos, they once more transformed human thinking, this time in the secular sphere. Much of the mental furniture of the modern world too is of Jewish fabrication.”

    – Paul Johnson
    (Christian historian, author of A History of the Jews and A History of Christianity pg. 585-6)

  7. The Jew – is the symbol of eternity. … He is the one who for so long had guarded the prophetic message and transmitted it to all mankind. A people such as this can never disappear.
    The Jew is eternal. He is the embodiment of eternity.”

    – Leo Tolstoy

  8. “There is a striking point that runs through Jewish history as a whole. Western civilization was born in the Middle East, and the Jews were at its crossroads. In the heyday of Rome, the Jews were close to the Empire’s center. When power shifted eastward, the Jewish center was in Babylon; when it skipped to Spain, there again were the Jews. When in the Middle Ages the center of civilization moved into Central Europe, the Jews were waiting for it in Germany and Poland. The rise of the United States to the leading world power found Judaism focused there. And now, today, when the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward the Old World and the East rises to renewed importance, there again are the Jews in Israel…”

    – Professor Huston Smith
    The Religious of Man, New York: HarperCollins, 1989

  9. @ yamit82:
    Well, that makes it easy for left-wing educators. They can just throw out the baby with the bathwater as they have been doing. In junior high and high school in the ’70s, I learned about Ancient Egypt, ancient and modern Latin America, ancient and modern China. I had a course on Women’s literature and the short story. American History only from Revolution to Jim Crow – we’re just about slavery and racism don’t you know? Zero anything about Ancient Rome or Greece. Zip on Europe. Nada Jewish history or literature. I did have one shockingly conservative leaning English teacher — or so they said — who taught us a little Shakespeare. I remember she said presciently that the blue jeans wearing counter culture was every bit as rigid and intolerant of dissent as the folks they were protesting. I don’t want you to get the idea I had no grounding in our history growing up. I attended three or four seders at distant relatives’ houses and of course, I was exposed to the ultimate primary sources, “The Ten Commandments” starring Charlton Heston and it’s sequel, “Ben Huron, on TV .”
    And of course, let’s never forget (warning metaphor alert) – before there was Global Warming” hysteria and before the Ozone Layer hysteria which you suddenly stopped hearing about, in the world of fiction there was


  10. There is a lot of Anglosphere anti – French contempt in this piece that forgets that when the chips were down in Europe including France – which they never were in Britain never mind the USA – over 3/4s of French Jews survived 1940 – 44. The worst was in 1942 before it was clear in ’43 that the Germans would lose.

    French and 2/3rds Belgian Jews could not have done so without the assistance of their fellow citizens as did the Danish Jews spirited to Sweden. The Dutch Jews had no unoccupied zone nor lonely rural provinces nor escape routes and the entirely commendable Anne Frank story masks that the Nazis caught and killed 5/7ths of Dutch Jews – not without the help of Quislings.

    Mosley’s million plus Blackshirts were not lefties and were objecting to the WW II as a Jews’ War as late as 1940 otherwise Britain’s finest hour, would have been only too glad to help a German occupation concentrate and deport UK Jews or kill in them in Britain. Further given the cold refusal of DeValera’s Ireland to take Jewish refugees before and after WW II, he would not have played Sweden to any fishing boat smuggling of Jews from Western UK. Note also that 90% of Italian Jews survived Mussolini’s late turn to Antismitism.

  11. @ mar55:
    sorry, I did not see this earlier, I started to read it but after the first few paragraphs I scanned the rest. Its kind of what we all already know and keep repeating. I see the crux of the problem to be Israel.. BB, the GOI… but especially the Israeli Jews. We all go on here like the Jewish homeland and Jerusalem is a very important issue but judging from the knesset composition more than half of Israel have no problem with giving away the vacant lands of YS and arab east jerusalem. I see no one to the left of Bennett who wants more than the major settlement blocks which in my opinion is a given starter not worth discussing. If Israeli Jews dont really care or cant agree on such a basic issue it becomes absurd to be looking at trump, the USA, the UN and the rest of the world. Unless a large majority of Israeli Jews want those things I think we just have to fuggeddaboutit. Right now there is a big opportunity and BB is already talking about pressure from Trump, BB is declaring all this bldg but its in the major blocks and Jerusalem….. Jerusalem was annexed in 67… does anyone talk about Jews building on the golan? Who is going to pressure BB to build in C,… not trump,… only Israeli people can do that and to me that looks futile now.

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