Washington Times: ‘Israel is losing sovereignty, Palestinian Arabs continue to build’

Washington Times op-ed expresses concern over illegal Palestinian construction in Area C in Israel and US backing.

Illegal paved road in Area COtef Yerushalaim Forum

Cheryl Chumley, editor of the op-ed section in the online Washington Times, published a scathing article against the illegal Palestinian construction in Area C.

The Oslo Accords ruled, and it was internationally accepted, that Area C was designated as a ‘no-construction zone,’ controlled by Israel. But there are both completed houses and houses under construction on this land. There is a new set of roads and signposts with phone numbers offering those interested in building or buying a house to call. What is going on here,” Chumley wondered.

She accused that, “The Palestinian Authority, fed by funds from the UN, the European Union and the US, has taken upon itself the task of expanding the Arab footprint in the lands of Israel, by building houses on land that was supposed to remain clear. This is the Palestinian’s quiet way of stretching the borders, seizing Israeli lands, and thwarting the possibility of applying Israeli sovereignty in the area, and all of this was done without firing a single shot.”

In her article she cites a news item published in 2023 on Israel National News – Arutz Sheva, reporting massive illegal Palestinian construction on the territory of a nature reserve in the Gush Etzion area.

“The situation has only worsened since the October 7th terrorist attack on Israel. This is a story that the international media seldom covers. It seems that the Palestinian Authority is luring Bedouin nomads to build their homes in the area and is even providing them with materials and infrastructure.”

“The Biden administration is playing into the anti-Israel sentiment. When the US fails to stand firm as Israel’s ally, Israel’s enemies take notice and take action. This illegal construction is a fundamental example of that. It’s hard to see how Israel could turn the situation around and exercise sovereignty in these areas – and that is exactly what Israel’s enemies want,” she concluded.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. In April 1917 the revolution was about to be defeated from within the Bolshevik Party itself

    Trotsky was on way by sea

    It was the political line that these.TWO men took that RESCUED THE REVOLUTION

    Are you following me Troll Zorn?

  2. Sebastien

    Vivarto I think was wondering why Israel allows this to happen

    I was suggesting engrained pattern of thinking

    And what do you think?

  3. @Felix In what way is this a parallel? Speak English, man.

    “… he urged the Bolsheviks to withdraw their support from the Provisional Government and to call for immediate withdrawal from World War I and for the distribution of land among the peasantry. The Bolshevik Party was to organize workers, soldiers, and peasants and to strengthen the Soviets so that they could eventually seize power from the Provisional Government. The theses also called for the nationalization of banks and for Soviet control of the production and distribution of manufactured goods. ”


  4. Vivarto

    You ask

    What prevents Israel from removing ALL of Area-C structures?

    The answer is

    Leadership issues

    Ways of thinking

    Encrusted patterns in thought in Israeli top dogs

    These are the most precious thing that must not be touched…for a parallel consider Lenins April Theses

    And Vivarto do you STILL not know what’s needed. If not Ive just told you