Watch: What Menachem Begin Would Tell John Kerry

January 3, 2017 | 3 Comments » | 70 views

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  1. So why didn’t he tell the U.S. where to go? Why did he give up Sinai? Why didn’t he publicly denounce the Reagan Plan? The plan itself and the sneaky way it was put over behind Israel’s back. Israel should have refused the aid. All it did was tie Israel to America’s apron strings. The aid came after Israel won the six day war. Nixon helping with an emergency arms shipment during the Yom Kippur war in ’72 — and which only was needed because Golda Meir was such an overly cautious wuss (never trust a leader who says, “I can forgive you for killing our kids but not for making us kill yours”, liberal idiots actually praise her for this bit of inanity) — was an anomaly. Kissinger and the State Dept. told him not to. He might have helped anyway. Or made a deal. It has held back Israel’s aviation and military industries. It endangered Israel during the Gaza war when Obama refused re-supply of artillery shells for the American Cannons they were forced to buy. There’s no free lunch. Why has every supposedly “right wing” PM been such a disappointment? Can you name one that didn’t make concessions from a position of strength?

  2. Evidently somebody has forgotten the constrictions of economics and real power in the World as distinct from one’s own city block.

  3. unfortunately ISRAELS current losers were at 8 days castrated instead of circumcised ‘whoops my knife slipped’.

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