Are negotiations with Abbas all about Iran?

By Ted Belman

Obama’s message to Israel: Freeze settlements or get rid of Dimona

    the meaning is clear, and it does not depend on the outcome of today’s elections: You want to keep Dimona? Then you’ll pay the price to keep talking with Abbas – namely, a settlement freeze. And as for Iran, don’t be an idiot. Leave it to Obama.

Apparently Dennis Ross said

    “The entire American political spectrum views the challenge of Iran as a foremost national security priority of the United States,” . “An American security priority, not an Israeli one; the conflict with Iran is “ours.”

    According to Ross, for all the importance of the recent increase in American military aid, Israel’s long-term security depends on real peace with its neighbors – and therefore, on the victory of the region’s moderates over its extremists. In the Palestinian context, this means seizing the fleeting opportunity provided by the leadership duo of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. This, he added, is an American interest, not just an Israeli one. Thus it is not subject to Netanyahu’s sole discretion.

To my mind all that is necessary is to take out Iran and its proxies for there to be peace. There is no need to capitulate to the PA. America wants this as a gift to the moderates.

Keep in mind that this opinion was published by Haaretz. I haven’t seen anyone else share this opinion.

There is also talk about Netanyahu having accepted a deal in which Israel would lease the Jordan valley and east Jerusalem from the Arabs
as part of a deal It is suggested that the only thing in question is the length of the lease.

I can’t imagine Israel accepting any of these deals. Abbas has aleady rejected it.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Several thousands years of human history tells Israel that it would be suicidal to give up it unique protection.

  2. No one can make Israel give up its nuclear facilities if it doesn’t want to. The world also can’t do anything about North Korea and Pakistan having them. It remains to be seen what can be done with Iran. But there’s always a chance that any bombing of Iraq might cause the crazy leader of North Korea to do some bombing of his own.

  3. Israel’s message to Obummer – get stuffed. You think you can take on the creator of all? Wait…I’ll grab the popcorn.