What they didn’t tell you about Dahlia

By Sherri Mandell

DahliaFunny how none of the articles about the murder of Dahlia Lemkus who was stabbed near Alon Shvut last night speak about Dahlia or her family, how no reporter had the curiosity to find out about her. She was killed in the afternoon so the reporters had all evening to question their contacts in Tekoa.

Instead, they practice a kind of obscurantism, restricting our knowledge of the victim. (Curious that the word obscurantism is derived from a dispute between intellectuals and the German monks who wanted to burn Jewish books, like the Talmud, in the 16th century to obscure Jewish culture and learning.) In the New York Times, the reporter tells you about the terrorist who is from Hebron, how he was in an Israeli jail for five years for a firebombing. The reporter quotes his Facebook page: “I’ll be a thorn in the gullet of the Zionist project to Judaize Jerusalem.” We learn nothing about 26 year old Dahlia, who was just getting started in life after finishing college, studying occupational therapy so that she could have a job where she could help people who were sick or infirm or disabled to live in a fuller way.

They don’t tell you how she loved to bake with her mother, the two of them bringing rich, luscious cakes to parties and the way she spoke English with an accent — but not a Hebrew accent — a South African accent because her parents made aliyah from there thirty years ago. They don’t tell you how she went to synagogue every Sabbath and smiled at the people in her row before she prayed. And they don’t tell you how she had to hitchhike to get to her job working with children in Kiryat Gat or that she was the main volunteer at Yad Sarah in Tekoa which lends medical equipment like wheelchairs to those who are sick or injured. They don’t tell you how she liked to help brides look beautiful by doing their makeup for them before their weddings.
They don’t care that Dahlia’s father Nachum drives the ambulance in Tekoa. Day and night he is called on to make the drive to Jerusalem, and that Dahlia’s mother cares tenderly for the elderly.

You will never learn from the articles that, when a neighbor had to go to the hospital with a sick child, Dahlia stayed with the other young children all night and insisted that they not pay her. The articles would never tell you that she was the one who cooked the food for her brother Haggai’s bar mitzvah a month ago, fried fish, salad and pancakes.

No, they don’t want you to know what a kind, giving, loving young woman she was on the cusp of her adult life, looking towards marriage and creating her own family.

Instead the newspapers show a photo of the terrorist and tell us that the Palestinian leadership says that it is normal and natural to run over a young woman and then stab her to death so that her blood runs like a red cape into the street. Normal and natural. An act of resistance. When the Palestinian leadership calls for their people to take a knife and find Jews to murder, and calls it natural and normal, we have entered the realm of unadulterated evil. Dahlia embodied its opposite and that fact shouldn’t be obscured from the world.

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  1. Meir har Zion was a national hero in Israel probably our greatest individual fighter since Barkochba. Arabs caught his sister on one of her frequent hikes in the countryside, raped murdered and mutilated her body.

    Meir and a few friends from his unit found out which Bedouin clan was responsible and went out at night and wiped them out.

    He left one alive to tell the story to the others.

    He also saved my wife’s life after an auto accident.

    His exploits are legend here. He is credited with the Israeli militry ethos and commando doctrine to this day in force.

  2. What they didn’t tell you about Dahlia

    “THEY” are despicable and one should never hesitate to identify “THEM” and to recognise “THEIR” despicable agenda. ALL of “THEM” should be ridiculed, humiliated, derided, sabotaged, destroyed, liquidated, at every possible opportunity.
    The children of THOSE that spread libel should rot on the vine as well as THOSE who commit the acts THEY incite. The liars AND the murderers should be made to share the same fate. Let the mayhem begin in Europe, the home of THEM!

  3. The west sanctions this evil at every turn. Cowardly, antisemitic western politicians blame the victims and urge THEM to practice restraint. The genocidal savages are given excuses for being sub human.

  4. We by now must be up to here with the insane setting the super wimp and his sold out garbage spread all over our people. Netanyahu is going to destroy everything and everyone showing identification with Eretz Israel and Judaism.
    TODAY first internal headline at the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Haharonot, Latest News.
    Fight to stop. Krav Blimah.
    Not fight to win or destroy the enemy. Just to “stop”.
    The so called report also pipes this… Security operatives: “Also in the “p authority want quiet”.
    Now you, reading from the Diaspora, what say you about how the el fantastico you folk applaud often, is dealing with his murderous “partners”? Credibly ? Do the Islamics see any jeopardy leading to them stopping their murders or they see a cowardly wimp leading even worse “military” cowing to them?
    Netanyahu intentionally allows for the bestial murders to prepare the ground to run from Y & S and Jerusalem.