Whatever happenened to “Yes we can”

Avi Dichter asks this question of Obama in regard to taking Iran down.

    The opportunity, and challenge, has now been stowed upon US President Barak Obama to be on guard, and during his “shift,” the “sane” world will have to decide on the destiny of the destructive nuclear weapon that a dangerous country that has the most lethal statements wants to acquire – Iran.

    If Iran were to start producing a nuclear bomb, the result would not end with environmental contamination and the death of hundreds of marine and wildlife creatures and habitats, like the outcome, so far, of an unprecedented, disastrous oil spill. It would end with the death of hundreds of thousands of human beings, in addition to a disastrous radioactive contamination.

    The cement on the Iranian “oil well” must be in place before drilling and prior to that we all hope to hear the president say the inevitable statement: Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons! The road from here is clear: The US can either stop Iran through preventive measures or it can wait until the regime has passed the nuclear threshold.

    At that point, the only protection against potential mass catastrophe would be a policy of containment, a clearly unacceptable policy. The best defense is always a proactive one, not reactive, or as the famous Arabic proverb says, “Before he has you for dinner, have him for lunch”.

    Fortunately, we know that the goal is achievable. Iran can still be stopped. It is not too late. It is time for Obama to step up and provide the strong leadership that is needed to stop Iran. The day has come for the leader of the free world to finally state unequivocally that he is determined and ready to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

    The writer is a Kadima MK and a former head of the Shin Bet.

June 25, 2010 | Comments »

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