What’s up with the Kurds?

Kurdish Group to Demand Autonomy in New Charter
Journal of Turkish Weekly

The Democratic Society Congress (DTK), an umbrella organization that brings together various Kurdish groups and politicians, has submitted its proposal to Parliament for the new constitution and is expected to renew its demand for democratic autonomy. …

Analysis: Rocky road to unity for Syria opposition
Jerusalem Post

Kurds make up nine percent of the population in Syria, or two million people. At least half a million do not enjoy Syrian citizenship – or any other – and are deprived of social and other rights. The government is waging an all out war to “arabize” …

With U.S. troops barely gone, Iraq’s government is breaking apart
Kansas City Star

But Kurds refused to take part in the vote and together with Sunni delegates deprived the Parliament of a quorum. Mutlak defends his comparison of Maliki and Saddam. “Show me a single building which is being built by Maliki. His office, his home, …

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