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  1. I appreciated that Riviera made the point that he did make because we tend to forget about the Sunnis as a danger, particularly the Saudi Arabia is behind these groups and behind the stealth jihad in the US. Nevertheless both Riviera and Bolling are both pig headed as they didn’t acknowledge each other’s perspective. What we want is that neither side wins and that they continue to kill each other. They should be debating what our policy should be. This they are silent about.

  2. Don’t waste Jewish national energies fearing anything or anybody. Instead, devote your energies to augmenting Jewish national power. You are in permanent war. The only way you can win that war is to make your Moslem enemies fear you, rather than the other way around.

    Think carefully about what is possibly their greatest fear, then contrive a battle plan to make that happen.

    From my own experiences dealing with them in everyday activities when my wife and I resided in Jerusalem, their greatest fear was that the nearby example of the freedom and power of Jewish women would subvert the Arab women against the otherwise-solid control of the Arab men.

    Make that happen, and you can dissolve the social fabric of their societies.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  3. Totally concur

    Such debate obscures fundamental task to oppose all Islamist militants

    It’s necessary to note that lefties are now prioritizing fight against al Qaeda to undermine opposition to Iran deal

  4. Paraphrasing the greatest sage ever to come from the Clinton stables.. “What difference does it make”?
    Jews must be ready to defend from and or attack all types of Muslims. About us, they are all the same.
    Spare me looking for contrived micro differences.