White House releases fact sheet on peace plan, as well as full proposal

The Trump administration has issued a fact sheet about the newly released peace proposal. You can read it here.

The full 181-page proposal has also been released, and can be viewed here.

January 28, 2020 | 13 Comments » | 515 views

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. So there will be a peace deal and Palestinian State, if the Pals including Hamas demilitarize, recognize Israel within four years.

    This deal would work provided the Palestinians turn into Finns. Then it would work.

    Sort of like Czeckslovia broke into Slovakia and the Czek Republic after one year of sit-down negotiations. Then they are rational sane people.

  2. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Except there is NO Pal state if they do NOT recognize Israel, agree to the plan and demilitarize including in Gaza (including Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc). So the Pals must agree within three years and act accordingly.

    They have already said and it is highly highly unlikely they will agree. So Israel will apply its civil law now to all the Jewish Towns in Judea/Samaria plus most of the Jordan Valley.

    A step in the right direction.

    If the Pals do not agree within the time frame allowed in the plan, Israel is free to seize the rest of Area C.

    So it changes the status quo in a positive direction for Israel and does not lessen Israeli security one iota.

    If the Pal were smart they would agree to this deal. It truly would have the potential to make their lives better and they would be independent. They would like San Marino or Costa Rica. An independent country without a military.

    The the Pals have never shown they have a vision nor are smart.

  3. Bear Klein Said:

    If the Pals do not agree within the time frame allowed in the plan, Israel is free to seize the rest of Area C.

    Where does it say that? Here is Trump announcing the plan and dividing Jerusalem, as well. All I read was that there would be another settlement freeze of 4 years in the beginning and that Jordan would be the partner in maintaining the Temple Mount, meaning, the King. He wants to partner with the King! He actually said the KIng rather than Jordan. https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/diplomacy-defense/1580231985-trump-jerusalem-to-remain-israel-s-undivided-capital

  4. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    The way I understand it is the Temple Mount and all religious sites the status quo remains.

    Settlement freeze would ONLY be outside of current settlements. Current Settlements ( Israel needs to apply Israeli Civil Law to them) can have building in them as per Israeli Civil Law. Those areas will be part of Israel out to their security borders which exceed their municipal borders.

    The freeze applies ONLY outside the current Israeli settlements for four years. Israel shall not tear down previously built Arab building in the frozen area unless it is for punishment for terror activity. New building by Arabs without permits can be torn down.

    So if the Pal do not conform to the plan and agree to it (which no way in hell they will) Israel will no longer be obligated to the building freeze.

  5. So the Pals have two choices:

    1. Agree to the Plan get state similar to Costa Rica or San Marino (with no military). However they forgo getting the Old City and Holy Places in Jerusalem as theirs’. No right of return to Israel. No military and must disarm in Gaza including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, etc. Agree to all 100% of Israeli “Settlements” plus the Jordan Valley as Israeli. Must recognize the Jewish State of Israel.

    2. Say no and Israel applies sovereignty to all “Settlements” and Jordan Valley anyway plus Israel provides no land in Negev to them as compensation and is free to build new “Settlements” in Judea/Samaria open spaces then. Forgo economic incentives to agree to the plan and stay poor and keep fighting Israel and losing more ground and nothing concrete to show for it.

  6. @ Bear Klein:

    The Temple Mount Status Quo will remain, but not exactly as it is today…… Trump specifically stated that it would remain with the present managers, and there would be freedom for people of ALL faiths to visit the Mount freely.

    I think the whole thing is a mess, deprives the Jewish People of their inheritance, and legal ownership of their Land, Conveys recognition to the Arabs as “nation”, and it’s NOT worth a tinker’s damn. The only good thing about it is that Israel can move immediately to extend sovereignty over the designated areas, without interference……..supposedly anyway..

    Imagine wasting all that time, effort, energy and money on such a non-starter, which will NEVER be accepted by either the religious Jews (eventually a majority or large minority)…or the Arabs ……

    I think Netanyahu just went through the motions, and also opposes it, expects that with Arab intransigence, Israel will have better opportunities to reclaim.

    His hand-clapping was very strange to me… almost as if playing at it. He kept his right hand completely steady, and moved the left to clap.

    I never watched him clap his hands before so maybe that’s just his style. But I’m very familiar with this way, previously as a youth, and whenever I wanted to just make it appear that I was really clapping…..and it gives out minimum sound

  7. @ Edgar G.:
    Trump plan positives it changes parameters of:

    Pal Right of Return (NONE)
    Jordan Valley as Israel’s Eastern Border
    Puts onus on Pals to stop terrorism & funding it if they want a State
    Allows Israelis to apply sovereignty to all “Settlements” Plus Jordan Valley
    Allows Israelis to keep building per their law in all existing settlements plus E1 (Maleh Adumim)
    Puts in Writing a Demand of de-militarized Pal State if they want to be a state
    Demands Hamas (& Gaza) demilitarize and turn in weapons + come under control of PA before a state would be in consideration:
    Requires Pals to agree to a Jewish State before Pal Statehood
    Requires Pals to agree to Israeli Security in all land west of the Jordan River
    Israeli sovereignty over all settlements plus Jordan Valley will recognized as soon as Israel applies its civil law.

    Plan will not bring about peace unless Pal-Arabs turn into Finns in next 4 years as they would have to recognize that the plan would grant them a better life by agreeing to live as peaceful neighbors to the Jewish State of Israel. They could create Costa Rica in the Middle-East. Instead so far we have 1000 Abbas NOes and Hamas sitting in the same room with Fatah to plan how many different verbal or violent ways they can so NO!

  8. I just watched the presentation by Trump and Netanyahu. It was an excellent presentation by both. The comparison to May, 1948 is valid: Then, as now, Israel was willing to accept less than optimal terms in order to achieve the most important results — which, in each case, is national security for the Jewish people in their own land, and recognition and guarantees from the most powerful nation in history.

    It would take some real bungling on the part of Israel’s leaders, to pass up this opportunity. As for the Palestinians, they have already shown a great capacity for such foolishness. They have been offered more than they can reasonably expect to achieve, given today’s political realities. Perhaps they will rise to the occasion, and perhaps they will be foolish as usual. No matter what they do, this plan establishes a precedent — as Bibi, said, a precedent as important as May 18, 1948; and I might say as well, as important as the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

    It’s a given, that the plan weill not receive unanimous and wholehearted support. It’s also a given, that the plan will not ultimately bring about any real, lasting peace; nor that it will be able to prevent or even forestall the outbreak of a nuclear war over Jerusalem. For these reasons, I’m not rooting for any faction. God is Sovereign over Israel, and he will continue to reign.

  9. @ Bear Klein:

    They’ll agree then, but after the deal is made and they take LEGAL possession of the land area, will be acting against it in every way that we know so well…. The way an Arab always does….

    For instance, I saw NO penalties if they do as an Arab does,…… which is a glaring omission-unless it’s somewhere in the full document…..Has anyone thought of THIS???… Does Trump think he’s dealing with rational humans.???…. What’s the “Penalty” (or remedy)….??? Invasion and conquest by Israel…….AGAIN…..????

    UNLESS……..????? Trump knows damned well that the Arabs will NOT accept, and therefore leave Israel free to take it’s proper steps to regain the whole Land….a generational ongoing proceeding…

    Otherwise, the Plan is pretty well only “half-baked”.

  10. @ Bear Klein:

    Yes Bear I know about all that, but Israel had de facto possession of much of it anyway.. It legitimizes the Arabs as a nation, and eventual sovereign state, regardless of it’s documented limitations

    {{They will have “limited immigration”… who’ll be counting, and who will be patrolling every yard of the borders which is like a fishing net….It will be like 1933, when the British Colonial Office reported immigration of about 32-33,000 Arabs, and said that very likely that twice as many more came in during nighttime… That was in ONE year alone…..which accounted for most of the sudden increase in the Arab population….apart from polygamy.}}

    They will LEGALLY OWN their areas, and Israel will never be able to recover what is our rightful ownership of our Land ……unless by a defensive war…like 1967. And even then, the “international community,” will immediately say it’s illegal… and we’ll have the very same situation that we’ve been living with for the past 70 years, certainly from the time of Oslo.

    Just my re-active opinion based on your post. But I think it makes some good points to think about..

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