Why Does Israel Deny that the Boycott is Winning?”

The boycott affects Arab workers, not just Jewish firms. BDS’ers don’t’ care, because they have a different motive.

Giulio Meotti, INN

The boycott of Israel is going to register its most important victory. Something that is more worthy than all the academic initiatives and the fake blood stains left in the Brussels metro by pro-Palestinian activists.

SodaStream, the Israeli world leader in sparkling water devices, has planned the closure of its main factory in Judea. Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of the Israeli company, hinted at it in the last few weeks. Now the main Israeli business newspaper, The Marker, confirmed the decision.

If confirmed and SodaStream moves to the Negev, it will be a strategic decision of historic importance.

Earlier this year, the company had a moment of glory after the actress Scarlett Johansson appeared in an advertisement for the company at the Super Bowl despite anti-Semitic pressure. But over the last month, SodaStream has seen loss after loss.

The British commercial chain John Lewis announced that it would no longer sell SodaStream’s products: “The company (John Lewis, ed) hold SodaStream products in storage for the past four years, but in the light of falling sales we made ??the decision to not store any more the above-mentioned range of products”, John Lewis told the press.

Then the Soros Fund Management, which manages the investments of the American left-wing and anti-Israel jewish billionaire George Soros, sold its stake in SodaStream. Then the Israeli company closed its commercial center in Brighton, UK.

SodaStream will move to Lehavim, outside Beersheba, in the Negev desert. As reported by Nasdaq, Sodastream also lost thirty per cent of its value in a year and the sale of SodaStream’s machines has fallen by more than fifty percent.

In that factory, in the heart of Judea, Jews and Arabs have always worked side by side in peace.

Why does Israel deny that the boycott is winning? And I write here about just one company. Would you like to hear about the Western pension funds which divested from Israel?

The BDS anti-Semitic action is advancing everywhere, from US academia to the British supermarkets, where kosher food – no matter where it is manufactured – has been removed because of anti-Semitism.

But the Israeli officials and commentators all downplay the boycott threat coming from the West.

It is dangerous because it comes from the West, not the Palestinian Arabs, who according to financial analysts, are only able to inflict the loss of 600 milliom dollars on Israel. For the West you have to add many zeros to that estimate.

Channel 10 just aired a special report: “The sale of Israeli products in the West Bank decreased by fifty percent because of the boycott”.

The closure of the Mishor Adumim’s factory is a major blow to Israel’s image, and not only for SodaStream.

In that factory, in the heart of Judea, Jews and Arabs have always worked side by side in peace. Same pay, same table, same transport. BDS doesn’t care about harming the Palestinian Arabs. Among the 1,200 workers in SodaStream, 950 were Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Arabs. They cannot travel three hours each way to work at the new location in the Negev..

If the Mishor Adumim site closes, it means that that the two peoples cannot co-exist.

I fear to try to answer why Israel doesn’t acknowledge that the boycott is winning and why Israel doesn’t invest more energy in the war against anti-Semites. Is it because Israel also believes that Jews should not be in Judea?

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. There are about 6 billion people in the world, and a relatively small percentage of them live in Europe and the US. Seems rather obvious, but why wouldn’t the Sodastream people check out markets east of the Middle East?

    Come to think of it, ALL Israeli companies should do this. It’s been talked about quite a bit, but we don’t know how much it has been implemented or even initiated… At least I don’t.

  2. So we need new evidence that the “two” peoples can’t coexist…? OKeeeyy. That is because until now we did co exist, did we? We desperately need a collective shrink.
    As to BDS. The unJewsh governing aggregate want’s to have the BDS’rs adding damage to damage. Just as Rabin, Peres and the rest knowingly imported Arafat and his beasts to harm Jews in Eretz Israel.