Why is there an epidemic of Jew hatred on our campuses?

By Ted Belman

David Horwitz the founder of Front Page Mag and the Freedom Center, just wrote on article and led a panel discussion on Jew Hatred on Campus.

Most of us are familiar with the defamation of Israel on campus and the intimidation of Jews students silencing of pro-Israel speakers on Campus. But we are less familiar with what’s behind it.

Horowitz explains that:

It’s because our campuses are the political base of the left, faculty and students, and therefore they are supporters of the jihadist terror. The campuses are probably as important as a domestic supporter of Islamic terror as the mosques. There are two organizations on campus that are spearheading this epidemic of anti-Semitism, which is focused on attacks on Israel. You’re all familiar with it, but Ami Horowitz shows you what people think on campuses.

The Muslim Brotherhood is behind both of the organizations. The two organizations are the Muslim Students Association, which is a recruitment organization for the Muslim Brotherhood and, thanks to the administrators and the multi-cultural and politically correct ideology that is the dominant ideology on campuses, the Muslim Students Association is a magnet that attracts almost all Muslim students. They have the support of the administrations. They’re financed. The Muslim Students Association is the oldest domestic front for the Muslim Brotherhood in America, and it’s a recruitment organization. And in the present situation on campuses, organizations like Hillel seek partnerships with the Muslim Students Association because they pretend to be a religious and cultural organization, but it is a recruitment organization for the Brotherhood.

The other organization is Students for Justice in Palestine and it has interchangeable leaders and members with the MSA, but it’s a much more politically active organization that doesn’t pretend to be a cultural organization.  Its sole purpose is to call for the elimination of the state of Israel and it is responsible for a lot of these incidents.


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