Why Israel must destroy the tunnels

10 terrorists killed attempting to infiltrate Israel through tunnel


Two terrorist attack cells entered Israel from northern Gaza via a smuggling tunnel on Monday morning.

The second cell fired an anti-tank missile at a military vehicle.

The Shin Bet sent an alert to the IDF hours before the attack, warning of intentions of terrorists in northern Gaza to infiltrate the country.


The Shin Bet said a serious and complex terror attack has been thwarted “due to the readiness of the IDF on the ground, following the pinpoint alert that was sent.”

Police closed roads in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council near the Gaza border due to the security incident.

Roads closed included Route 4 and Route 34. Residents of Erez, Nir Am, Ra’im, Ein Hashlosha were instructed to stay in their houses.

Earlier in the week, 13 Hamas terrorists were killed trying to infiltrate Kibbutz Sufa. The army said it “neutralized the threat” in that incident with an air strike on the cell.

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  1. Israel was well aware of the existence of these tunnels a long time ago but nothing has been done.

    This reality was confirmed yesterday by Tsipi Livni, the INjustice Minister, during a conference. She said in broad lines that Israel knew their existence, but why should the tunnels be destroyed by Israel if they have not been used by the terrorists?

    In other words, she told us that, despite the knowledge provided by the Security Intelligence Services, as long as the enemy did not act and did not pose threat to Israel, Israel can sleep on both ears and disregard the threat and danger .

    However, what the bird-brain did not recall is that it is indeed from these very tunnels that Gilad Shalit has been abducted in 2006.

    This gives an idea of how the decisions are made by the Israeli government who is now, after the facts, sending to the slaughter thousands of our beloved soldiers