Will America forsake Israel, again?


America’s interest in Israel’s strategic value has always been the primary motivation for US support.

The Israel-Iran countdown has begun, and with regard to Teheran’s nuclear race we are witnessing a great crisis in US-Israel relations.

Will America help the tiny Jewish state? Can Israel trust the word of a US administration which treated Jerusalem like a banana republic? A few days ago, Israeli officials told Yediot Aharonot newspaper that “the US’ stance is pushing the Iranians to become a country at the brink of nuclear capability.”

Very few people in Israel believe that the US will ever launch another preemptive war against the ayatollahs. The US, especially if Barack Obama is re-elected, will be tempted to reach a compromise with the Iranians.

Israel is dependent on the US for economic, military and diplomatic support.

American taxpayers fund 20%-25% of Israel’s defense budget, with the Jewish state being the largest recipient by far of American aid since World War II. Israel is required to use a portion of US aid to buy from the US defense establishment, but no other country – certainly not any European one – provides the weapons needed to protect Israeli lives. Moreover, the United States has cast 40 vetoes to protect Israel in the UN Security Council.

There is a quid pro quo for such support, but also a limit to what even that degree of dependence can buy. The current Iranian nuclear race made this very clear, just as it made clear that the US has, again, forsaken the Israelis.

Washington doesn’t support Israel because of the Jewish state’s democracy, because of the Holocaust or out of respect for human rights. America’s interest in Israel’s strategic value has always been the primary motivation for US support.

But that could change tomorrow, especially if Israel’s survival becomes a burden for Washington (France was Israel’s most important ally after the war, but Paris suddenly abandoned the Jews for the Arab world). Israel must remember that she is America’s ally and client, not its “friend.”

The first US presidents after Israel was established – Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson – gave nothing to the Jewish state. And we were in a time when the ashes of Auschwitz were still warm, while today the memory of the Holocaust is fading. Truman maintained a US embargo against arms sales to the Israeli and Arabs, which was effective only against Israel. In 1948, it was US pressure which forced Israel to withdraw from Sinai where Israeli forces were pursuing the defeated Egyptians.

In 1960 the Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann was apprehended by Israeli agents in Argentina and flown to Jerusalem for trial. Argentina turned to the UN Security Council, asking it to condemn Israel and order Eichmann’s return. Washington intended to support the Argentinean complaint and only the furious reaction of Israel’s foreign minister Golda Meir dissuaded Washington.

Prior to the Six Day War, Abba Eban approached Lyndon Johnson and all he got was an arms embargo on the Middle East. In 1970, at the height of the War of Attrition, the US turned down an urgent Israeli request for security assistance.

In 1992 the Bush-Baker administration humiliated the Israelis with an ultimatum: “Settlements or loan guarantees.”

(The later Israeli general and minister Rehavam Ze’evi dismissed Bush senior as “anti-Semitic”). The US post-Gulf War settlement included American efforts to dislodge Israel from the territories by endangering Israel’s security. The former editor of The New York Times, A.M. Rosenthal, wrote that “the Bush administration has a spiritual affinity for Arab rulers and oilmen, but bares its teeth when Jerusalem shows independence.”

Bill Clinton’s appeasement has been a tragedy for the Jewish people, since he pushed the Oslo process along and encouraged its implementation, bearing a historic responsibility for the intifada’s bloodshed, in which 2,000 Israelis paid with their lives.

In 1981 the Jewish state bombed the Iraqi Osirak reactor. Recent files released by the UK National Archives show that Britain’s ambassador to Washington, Sir Nicholas Henderson, was with US defense secretary Caspar Weinberger as the news came in.

“Weinberger says that he thinks Begin must have taken leave of his senses. He is much disturbed by the Israeli reaction and possible consequences,” Nicholas cabled London. Alexander Haig was secretary of state then. “I argued,” he recalled, “that while some action must be taken to show American disapproval, our strategic interests would not be served by policies that humiliated and weakened Israel.”

Those who remember Ronald Reagan as friendly to Israel may be startled to recall the vehemence of his reaction against Israel. His administration’s immediate response was to impose sanctions on the Jewish state, and he suspended the delivery of F-16 fighter jets, doing something even Jimmy Carter refused to do: use arms supplies as leverage against Israel.

Washington has also armed Israel’s western neighbor to the teeth. The Egyptian army today is infinitely more modern and lethal then when the Egyptians carried out their successful attack against Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

And can we forget the US treatment of Jonathan Pollard, the only American to receive a life sentence for spying for an ally? Despite the fact that nobody has given a single specific example of how Pollard’s actions harmed the US, Pollard is still being held in solitary confinement in an underground cell.

Pollard has been in prison longer than anyone ever sentenced in the US for passing classified materials to a friendly foreign power (the median sentence for someone spying for a non-Soviet power has been less than three years). For his contribution to Israel’s security and for his long suffering in prison, Pollard is an Israeli hero.

He is the source of the Israeli preparedness for the Iraqi missile attacks during the Gulf War, when Saddam’s rockets began to rain down on Tel Aviv, and Israelis wore gas masks. Pollard warned Israel of Iraq’s bellicose intentions, and that Syria’s Assad was amassing quantities of chemical weapons.

By its own agreement with Israel, the US should have given this information to Jerusalem. But it was deliberately blocked by Weinberger.

Today Israel can stand tall in the face of its important ally because it never asked American soldiers to spill their blood in its defense. It’s Washington that must beg for Israel’s alliance and protect the Jews, as it cannot afford disengagement from the only democracy in a region dominated by Islam. But will the US eventually be compelled to sacrifice Israel on the altar of “realism” and oil price, at which time Iran’s knife will descend on the Jews? And will the Jewish state’s leadership dutifully bind Israel on the altar? As Charles Krauthammer put it: “for Israel the stakes are somewhat higher: the very existence of a vibrant nation and its 6 million Jews.” If Israel is unable to change the US’ red line on Iran and Jerusalem capitulates to Washington’s appeasement, Iran will be soon armed with atomic bombs.

And the Jews? They will be psychologically weaker and totally dependent on others’ help. Like it was during the Holocaust. Does someone need to be reminded how Washington refused to help the Jews while they were entering into the gas chambers?

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  1. “[Reagan’s] administration’s immediate response [to the Osirak bombing] was to impose sanctions on the Jewish state, and he suspended the delivery of F-16 fighter jets…”

    Key word is “suspended.”

    The F-16’s were delayed — not cancelled.

    Name of the game was political charades, and nothing else.

    “The [Osirak] raid had not alarmed Reagan, even though the administration formally protested it. White House officials told me [the author, below] at the time that Reagan sympathized with the Israeli view that it was necessary to eliminate Iraq’s capability to manufacture atomic weapons.”

    [Lou Cannon, President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime (Simon & Schuster, NY, 1991), p. 392]

  2. Italian Military Buys $100M Spy Satellite from Israel in Exchange Deal

    The Italian Defense Ministry is buying a high-resolution optical reconnaissance satellite from Israel as part of an offset package agreed to in exchange for the Israeli Defense Ministry’s purchase of Italian trainer aircraft, according to industry officials.

    Israel has delivered a radar satellite to the Indian government in exchange for a launch aboard India’s PSLV rocket. The launch, which occurred in 2009, carried an Israeli TecSAR and India’s Risat 2 satellite into low Earth orbit. Risat 2 is based on Israeli technology.

  3. Greek Navy Chief Visits, Discusses Cooperation
    As Israel’s relations with Turkey have cooled – its security cooperation with Greece has increased.

    By Gil Ronen

    The Commander of the Greek Navy, Vice Admiral Kosmas Christidis, concluded his first visit to Israel Thursday, hosted by Commander in Chief of the Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Ram Rutberg.

    In the course of his visit, Vice Admiral Christidis sailed on an Israel Navy Sa’ar 5 Class corvette. He received security and strategic briefings from senior navy officers, and discussed with them the cooperation between the Israeli and Greek navies.

    The admiral was welcomed by an honorary Navy guard at the Haifa Navy Base. He also visited Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial, where he placed a wreath in memory of the victims.

    Vice Admiral Rutberg noted that the visit emphasizes the strong cooperation between the navies, adding that he sees great significance in preserving this relationship.

    As Israel’s relations with Turkey cooled over the past few years – its relationship with Greece, including security cooperation, has warmed up. Israeli, Greek and American aircraft held a joint drill earlier this year, reportedly in preparation for a possible war over Israel’s huge off-shore gas discoveries.

    However, the electoral success of a neo-Nazi party has Greek Jews concerned.

  4. Chinese naval vessel in Haifa
    See photos

    Chinese Ships in Haifa Honor 20 Years’ Cooperation
    Vessels anchored in Israel to honor 20 years of cooperation between IDF and Chinese Army.

    Vessels from the Chinese fleet anchored at the port of Haifa in northern Israel Monday. The vessels and their crewmen arrived in Israel to visit the Israeli Navy and were welcomed by Haifa base commander, Brig. Gen. Eli Sharvit.

    The vessels from the Chinese fleet, led by deputy commander of the northern Chinese fleet Rear Admiral Yang Jun-fei, anchored in Israel to honor 20 years of cooperation between the IDF and the Chinese Army.

    During their stay in Israel, the Chinese will visit the IDF Naval Officers’ Academy, lay a wreath at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial site, and visit different Israeli tourist attractions.

    Approximately three months ago, the Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz travelled to China and worked to strengthen the cooperation between the two militaries.

  5. Bernard Ross Said:

    @ yamit82:Thanks for the links. These corporations and families were guilty of genocide and have never paid the price, yet. The ill gotten gains should belong to their victims not their descendants. It is interesting how govts were forced to pay reparations but corporations and individuals got off free.

    I agree IBM ,Ford and other Nazi allies and enablers should pay direct reparations to the children of Holocaust survivors. There a few survivors left alive. This creature Breckinridge Long is obviously in HELL with his boss Adolf Delano Roosevelt. His conduct was so despicable. Real supporters of Jews should start a campaign to find the descendants of this vile piece of sh-t and publicize the evils their ancestor committed. IF blacks can still benefit from Affirmative action and other affirmative anti-white discrimination, while they have only known special privilege children of Holocaust survivors should be compensated by the US for the behavior of the most evil man (along with the soon to be unemployed Obama) to occupy the White House. It is so sick ,that Jews idolized this American Hitler Adolf Delano Roosevelt. Real Jews and supporters of Jews should do everything possible to expose the worse President in history Adolf Roosevelt.

  6. @ Sammy:It is no myth that the American Hitler FDR as documented in the links provided by Yamit deliberately collaborated with Hitler. The American Hitler deliberately barred the entry of Jews in the a relatively empty US and would not bomb RR tracks while US AF bombed factories 2 miles from Auschwitz.

  7. @ yamit82:Thanks for the links. These corporations and families were guilty of genocide and have never paid the price, yet. The ill gotten gains should belong to their victims not their descendants. It is interesting how govts were forced to pay reparations but corporations and individuals got off free.

  8. MEOTTI’S “J’ACCUSE” – His latest column.

    Migron’s days seem to be numbered…slated for evacution at the end of the month….erasing Migron means reducing the State of Israel to the dismal status of a protectorate of the United Nations Security Council, as orchestrated by the United States.

    Since the Arab masses don’t want Migron alone, but plan on going on to “Ashdod, Beit She’an, Haifa, and Jerusalem”, as the Palestinian Arabs chant at their Nazi-style rallies, Israel today faces two alternatives: either a Jewish republic protected by the Golan-Samaria-Judea high ground, in which Migron is one of the citadels, or …a truncated, non-defensible and un-Jewish state without its Biblical hearland.

    A paper is circulating among the right wing public against Migron’s demolition. It says that “the destruction of our communities” is the manifestation of “the persecution of Jews in their own country by their own people”.

    They are right. Migron is the laboratory of Israel’s mistakes: the total lack of any mention of historic Jewish rights to the land while proclaiming rights of an Arab “Palestinian people“.

    …Abandoning Migron means betraying the memory of the dozens of Israelis butchered during the first and second Intifada. Is the Supreme Court longing for the “sacred cannon” that shelled and killed Jewish brothers on the ship Altalena?

    …Based on false legal advice, Israel preserved the existing laws of Jordan in Judea and Samaria. Hence was born the term “occupied territories” and the blood libel of “private Palestinian land”.

    Migron, if it falls, will fall on a lie.

    … If Israel has no right to a barren hillside in Samaria, to land left desolate during the period of Jewish exile, then Israel has no claim to any other place between the river and the sea. As far as Israel’s enemies are concerned, the Jews of Sheinkin, Ramat Aviv and Rehavia are also “settlers”. The PLO and Hamas, like Hizbullah head Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, are aiming at a Lebanon-style withdrawal to the very last centimeter.

    That’s why the brave young Israelis who live in and loven the “outposts” hold the last line of defense against the danger of retreat to the 1948 borders. Migron is linked right to the gates of Auschwitz.


    Evil is happening right in front of our eyes.

    Those who just look on as this evil is being perpetrated are no less guilty than those who said nothing and did nothing as Jews were being rounded up for destruction during the Holocaust.

    Israelis should use that petition being circulated to launch a major organized popular movement to stop the government from implementing the US/Arab agenda.

  9. @ Bernard Ross:

    I believe that Hitlers final solution was financed and planned by global capitalists who linked the Jews with the spreading Communist threat

    [Note: Author Edwin Black reveals how respected American organizations, such as The Carnegie Institution for Science, The Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and IBM, “created” Hitler (with the legal and moral imprimatur of the United States Supreme Court) and helped Nazi Germany to successfully initiate World War II and to systematize the near extermination of the Jewish people. There is no doubt that had Germany won the War, those iconic American organizations would have readily continued to provide their valuable services to the Nazi Occupation of the United States. — Mark Rosenblit]

    The Nazi nexus
    03/26/2009 11:10 EDWIN BLACK


  10. My rage against the US governmet keeps increasing as I watch them in steady retreat in face of the growing threat by Islam, China, the Russians, and the global bankers.

    In the context of what has happened in the 20th and 21st century, there is a looming threat of unspeakable danger. The US was – at least in our hearts – a beacon representing freedom and other human values we cherish.

    However, the US government has kept retreating militarily and morally, weakening the country’s defense, supporting moral relativism, betraying friends and empowering enemies, and misusing whatever powers it still has by contributing to the demise of western civilization.

    White House and Congress’ complicity with the banksters has destroyed the US economy. We sit here waiting for the other shoe to drop. Any day now, say the experts.

    The 1967 Middle East with a strong, self-confident Israel is no more. The US managed to shrink and bully Israel, by joining the anti-Semitic world gang intent on destroying it.

    My rage stems from a sense of deep betrayal.

    The US is like a talented child full of promise who has gone wrong. Our pain is therefore unmeasurable.

  11. I am not suggesting an either or scenario. i.e Russia or the US. What I am suggesting is that we have a multi-layered policy where we have multiple friends.

  12. @ Ted Belman:
    YAMIT’s contributions and this column prompt me to express something I have long wanted to say. There is a giant gorilla lurking behind the issues discussed daily on this website: the USA government. And it needs to be named and denounced every time.

    No matter how brilliant the solutions proposed to deal with those issues – one question always remains unasked: What about the role of the USA government in instigating those crises, in micromanaging Israel’s response to them, in flooding Israel with spies, in infiltrating its centers of power, and in contributing in a very significant ways to Jewish loses of lives and heritage land.

    The US consulate in Jerusalem acts not as a friendly diplomatic representative to the Israeli people, but as a liaison center for the Arabs, by providing information and assistance in their takeover of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. It’s an unofficial consulate to Arab Palestine, operating in the same Jerusalem they delegitimize as Israel’s capital. Their programs are aimed exclusively to the Arabs, to the detriment of Israeli Jews.

    US Consulate staff have been caught more than once slithering around the settlements, gathering information for the Arabs.


    TALKBACKERS, if not columnists themselves, must insist on providing that missing angle – US machinations – to related issues discussed here.

    Facts and links supplied by Yamit’s talkbacks to Giulio Meotti’s column may be news to some of us, because they are rarely talked about. Meotti himself is an exception in daring to address this subject.

    Someone could provide accurate answers to questions such as, what are those thousands of US troops doing in Israel right now. There’s enough of them to consider them launchng of a potential occupying force. Or an excuse for an all out US invasion to “save Americans” in case of Israeli response to Arab insurrection.


    Any suggestions for solving or mitigating threats to Israel’s survival cannot ignore the powerful role played by the US in those threats’ creation and sustenance.

    As an example, here is a list of subjects discussed on Israpundit’s page one that have Big US footprints:

    Arab illegal construction both sides of the Green Line. US pressure with Israeli government’s eager help allows Arabs to take over Judea and Samaria and large areas this side of the Green Line.

    Crisis in Sinai. The US persuaded the Israeli government to abandon Sinai for a worthless Peace Treaty. Recently the US supported the toppling of Mubarak and the takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood. Headline: Egypt fully rearming Sinai with US Help.

    Crisis in Syria. Same thing. They have been relentlessly pressuring Israel to abandon Golan. And now they assist in the takeover by the most radical elements in the ME – in the name of freedom, democracy, blah, blah, blah. The US continues to sell their toxic product, country after country, and nobody asks them to stop.

    Crisis with Iran. Same thing. Who helped depose the Shah and install the Ayatollahs? And now the US has succeeded in restraining Israel from defending itself. No surprise here.

    – The PR, media, and diplomatic campaign to destroy Israel. Thanks in part to US proxies funded by them. One of the most immediate proxies being the PA itself, with an army funded and trained by the USA. The whole system is being kept on life support largely by US funds.

    That’s for headlines on Israpundit’s page one alone.

    Nothing can be solved until Israeli Jews regain control of their destiny by OPENLY DENOUNCING and STEADILY CURTAILING US power in the country – and until they take legal measures against those COLLABORATING with the US and other enemies of Israel in the media, in universities, in NGOs, and even in political circles.

  13. @ rongrand:

    Americans as a whole support Israel and the right to aid and come to her defense.

    I agree with Ron. That is why I get annoyed with James’ and some others anti-American comments.

  14. American taxpayers fund 20%-25% of Israel’s defense budget, with the Jewish state being the largest recipient by far of American aid since World War II.

    This means that Israel is responsible for funding 75%-80% of its own military budget. So why don’t they just make it 100%? Then Israel won’t be beholden to Obama or any future potentially hostile president and State Department.

  15. yamit82 Said:

    Historical and Investigative Research — by Francisco Gil-White
    [ this piece updated regularly ]

    Yamit, thank you for this excellent link. Although I have been aware of much of this info the additional info and extent of this war against the Jews makes it impossible for me to believe that there is not some ongoing conspiracy to eradicate, or confine to a ghetto, the Jewish people. This is the only sensible explanation I can see for the ongoing hypocrisies, swindles and slaughters. I believe that Hitlers final solution was financed and planned by global capitalists who linked the Jews with the spreading Communist threat. One new and interesting fact was that of Sughihara, the Japanese vice Consul who issued the Jews visas when the “friends” of the Jews were denying visas.

  16. I believe that the US govt has generally leaned to the arabs, especially the state dept. The US population has leaned to the Jews but this may not be sustainable as that position starts to bear costs. The US population has generally been an obstruction to US govt anti Israel tactics and strategies. I believe that the greatest impediment to US Jewish, and popular, support for Israel is the anti Israeli sentiment of a vocal portion of the Israeli media and population. The greatest positive effect on US, and global, popular support would be a united pro Israel and pro Jewish stance emanating from Israel. Israeli disunity is fueling global anti semitism.

  17. Yamit, you disputed Meotti’s statement that the U.S. funds 20%-25% of Israel’s defense budget in your first post and suggested the real percentage is 3%.

    You do not however, expressly suggest what that translates to, except imply that Israel’s financial dependence on the U.S. is not nearly as great as Meotti makes out.

    Meotti however, raised a number of other points that explain that dependence factor, such as the U.S. using its veto power at the U.N. about 40 times to the benefit of Israel.

    You then say the ratio of IDF front line troops to non-combattant support troops is 1 – 16 and that if that ratio could be significantly reduced, the drain on Israel’s financial resources for IDF retirees would be substantially reduced by billions of shekels. That point, if correct is interesting, but what percentage of Israel’s entire budget, does that suggested saving represent?

    The rest of your first post cynically derides many in Israeli IDF or government leadership positions, suggesting that they act in their own best interests rather than Israel’s, as they facilitate the sense of dependance Israeli leaders feel towards the U.S.. That sense of Israeli dependance on the U.S. is something the Americans have assiduously cultivated for their own purposes as regards their Mid East agendas and policies. You level the charge that these particular Israeli leaders, by fostering the sense of dependance on the U.S., do so to feather their future nests that they might on retirement gain positions in various U.S. think tanks, in order to stoke their egos and continue to fill their wallets.

    These cynical comments of yours and your dislike of Netanyahu, et al and government policy that rings through is, however typical for you. You have expressed such negative views many times before.

    Your other posts pretty much add certain specifics that are in keeping with the case Meotti makes in his article that the U.S.’s relationship with Israel is not one of rock solid support. There have been far too many instances, cited by Meotti and noted in your subsequent posts when American words, deeds and policies have had the effect of undermining Israel’s interests, either wittingly or not. Those U.S. positions adverse to Israel’s interests have not just come under Obama’s watch.

    You have suggested, and Ted chimed in, that Israel would be serving her interests better if she could lessen her dependance on the U.S. by establishing better relations with other nations and Russia in particular to purchase military and presumably other equipment/technology that serves Israel’s interests.

    In theory, it seems common sensically prudent that Israel should not be relying so much, if not soley on the U.S. for support, for it gives the U.S. far too much leverage to dictate to Israel what words, positions and policies she should be adopting.

    Practically speaking however, whatever shortcomings there have been in U.S. support of Israel, Russia has a long history of virulent antisemitism and since soon after voting for Israel’s statehood in the U.N. in 1948, Russia’s positions vis a vis Israel increasingly were against her interests.

    Russia is not the U.S. in the sense that whereas the U.S. seeks to cloak immoral positions they take in furtherance of their own self interest in a veil of moral rationalizations and sometimes those moral rationalizations limit what positions they might otherwise take, the Russians have no compunctions about acting in their own self interest without feeling the need to justify their postions, actions and policies in moral double talk or otherwise.

    In the past several decades, the American government’s position, overt and covert as regards Israel has become increasingly disconnected from the connection and support the majority of Americans feel for Israel.

    The point is that the feelings that the majority of Americans feel towards Israel, likely operates to some extent in curbing the U.S. governments positions as regards Israel.

    No such curbing operative factor from Russian citizens would exist in Russia to curb Russian policy towards Israel.

    Yes, Israel might well be able to buy military equipment at a great savings from the exhorbitant cost the U.S. extracts from Israel.

    In the result, while I agree that Israel must lessen her dependance on the U.S., I expect she will find the U.S. government will not take too kindly to Israel’s efforts in that regard.

    Lessening dependance on the U.S. will not in my view be easy and as regards Israel seeking out relations with Russia, Israel would have good reason to probably be even more concerned as to what Russia might do with with its new found leverage on Israel if Israel does establish better relations with Russia including having her as one of Israel’s major arms suppliers.

  18. yamit82 Said:

    never forgetting that like America they have many conflicting and divergent interests which precludes Israel from just transferring the American superpower alliance to Russia and China outright.

    Agreed. Israel can also find itself alone and I think that military and economic independence should be a serious focus. The ability to be self sustaining may enable a longer isolation. Perhaps, in the event of isolation or sanctions, it would be helpful for Israel to consider plans involving the seizure of neighbors resources in order to obtain sustainable supplies and deny funding to the enemies.

  19. yamit82 Said:

    ‘The cavalry is not going to ride to Israel’s side’

    I believe that this statement is the absolute truth. There should be no reliance on US help from a lame duck president or any other. Hopefully, all options should be considered from the viewpoint of being alone and even under sanctions.

  20. Sammy Said:

    Yes, a ship of fleeing refugees was turned away but this story long held as proof of America’s lack of empathy for the European Jews is untrue.

    You are not, but I’m convinced! Facts are inconvenient to face and they all point opposite to your view. The muslims are 1 billion and the Jews are 6 million: oil, trade, etc., do the math.

  21. Can Israel trust the word of a US administration which treated Jerusalem like a banana republic?

    I said it many times over on this site.

    Americans as a whole support Israel and the right to aid and come to her defense.

    The Obama administration is something else.

    Obama is an anti-Semite who embraces Islam and a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Now tell me why he cannot be trusted.

    For starters he is a complete liar. Just about everything he says is a lie, in fact his whole life as he explains is a lie.

    If you think Carter was an anti-Semite and anti-Israel, well Obama makes him look like Golda Meir.

  22. In many ways, apart from great medical discoveries, America and the West are a mega disgrace.

    Israel must make pacts with other nations in the East and withdraw from America.

    Obama or Romney. USA is going KFC big time. It has already begun.

    And Canada may be in a better position but it is going down too.

  23. A strategic Jerusalem Pact: Israel, India, Greece, Azerbaijan, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. This Iron Purdah already exists. Israel needs the Kurds and a loose alliance with Russia and China never forgetting that like America they have many conflicting and divergent interests which precludes Israel from just transferring the American superpower alliance to Russia and China outright.

    Putting all our national and strategic assets and dependence on only a single power is not only myopically stupid it’s also dangerous.

    Where a confluence of interests align including America, Israel should consider them always keeping our options open and like in Industry always having a 2nd and 3rd choice options and suppliers, even if it raises the unit costs.

  24. @ Andrew:

    I keep thinking of what De Gaulle once said: nations don’t have friends, they have interests.

    I never blame or am surprised by America pursuing her real and perceived interests, we should expect nothing less. I do blame Israeli leaders and Jews for abrogating our interests and making us subservient to another countries interests even if that country is the USA.

    My gut tells me that American Jews do not at any cost want to be put in a position of having to choose between the Jewish people and Israel or their American identity (known as dual loyalty). American Jews will just, like in the 30’s and 40’s throw other Jews and Israel under the bus rather than having the loyalty to America put in question by the gentiles.

    Israels leaders are mostly corrupted by American influences and money and the psychological need to have their mistakes and basic cowardice covered by the American fig leaf known as (American pressure) and the implied if not overt threat of withdrawal of military and political support.

  25. Ted, China is very close to the Gulf Arab states, as is the US, and needs their oil, and Russia has a sizeable moslem majority, it’s also a honorary member of the OIC, didn’t Putin and Medvedev claim to be moslem countries? Too many North Americans view Russia through the Cold War eyes, Russia today is not the communist threat it once was, it’s social and religious structure has been flipped 100%. That said, Russian Jews always and still do have an ally in Russian moslems.

  26. Interesting. But, it’s a myth that the U.S. could have rescued the European Jews during the War. The U.S. was engaged in heavy combat against the Germans but was nowhere near the death camps such as Auschwitz. In fact, it was the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz (Poland). This notion that Netanyahu played out in his last U.S. visit that the Americans could have easily bombed the railways carrying Jews to their death is ridiculous. Even if they could have diverted combat aircraft to leave the theater if operations they were in they would have had a difficult time targeting the railways. Yes, a ship of fleeing refugees was turned away but this story long held as proof of America’s lack of empathy for the European Jews is untrue.

  27. Yamit

    Thanks for adding to the picture. Most people will be blown away by this information. Now that the US has embraced the MB and Turkey, its new best friend, it will favour them at our expense. We have seen it already and it will get worse.

    I like the Russia,India and China connection. Its called hedging your bet. I am working with others to get Russia to go for a ceasefire agreement with the US in Syria in which Russia sides with the Alawites and Kurds in the north and the US with the Sunnis in the south. Israel has a strong working relation with the Kurds in Iraq and have already opened some doors to Russia in her Mediterranean gas fields. Russia and Turkey are competitors if not enemies. The deal that I am suggesting involves excluding Iranian influence in the Levant.

    A new day is dawning.

  28. Some statistics indicate the majority of Israeli citizens are not in favor of an Iran attack…period. Who are those who want this attack sooner rather than later? The man in the street, or the paranoido Middle Eastern grubbers who want to latch onto oil and mineral resources and do this in the name of “democratic intent”. Israelis are not of one mind, I can tell you that. With many voices, only the voice that owns the airwaves can get his point across. Israelis are often the last to know…..what the big boys are up to. The United States is well on its way to communizing its citizens, and power will wane when the economy is choked, clearly the Communist Obama’s intentions. We are witnessing the demise of the United States in favor of the UN run NWO, the best way to marginalize individual countries which soon will swallow up all nations thanks to the stifling neck hold the banksters have on these nations. It was a nice world for a while, but extraordinary greed has done in this world. May the pigs end up as bacon.

  29. CNN: US offers Egyptian army intelligence aid for Sinai battles

    All that for at most a few hundred militant Bedouin? Yeah Sure….

    The Obama administration is offering Egypt increased intelligence sharing, including satellite imagery and drone flights and intercepts of cellphone and other communications among militants in Sinai • Egypt is preparing to use aircraft and tanks in Sinai for the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War in its offensive against militants in the border area.

  30. U.S. had emergency plan for attacking Israel in 1967
    Plan was aimed at preventing Israel from expanding westward, into Sinai, or eastward, into the West Bank.

    The full story is detailed

    The right to strike
    A declassified study reveals that the U.S. had plans to attack Israel, and began to dust them off in May 1967. But organizational foot-dragging and the IDF’s prowess in Sinai spurred the general in charge of the U.S. Strike Command to put them back in the drawer.

  31. American taxpayers fund 20%-25% of Israel’s defense budget, with the Jewish state being the largest recipient by far of American aid since World War II. Israel is required to use a portion of US aid to buy from the US defense establishment, but no other country – certainly not any European one – provides the weapons needed to protect Israeli lives. Moreover, the United States has cast 40 vetoes to protect Israel in the UN Security Council.

    I have a problem with the authors statistics. American aid is less than 3% of our national budget and less than 16% of what we know of our military budget much of which is not made public and much are indirect costs not direct military expenditures like roads and shelters in the west bank and the security fences now with Egypt.

    Israel over inducts far in excess of manpower needed and most vegetate from 2-3 years. The ratio between fighter to support troops is from:
    1 X 6-10. Israel could do without 25-30% of non combat inductees saving billions of shekels per year. And defer early pensions to careerists. There is no good reason to pension off good seasoned officers and non-coms after 20yrs. with full pensions.

    We could buy Russian top of the line aircraft put our own avionics in them and weapons systems and either pay 75% less than the America equiv or barter for them. The Russians would kill for us to dump America and purchase their stuff. Besides money we would be the best sales pitch for others to buy Russian as well, thereby giving Israel added value. It would also strengthen our military sales and cooperation with India and China who buy most Russian with co-production agreements. Israel could fit in well with these three in combination and enhance our global position politically and commercially.

    Almost 50% if the Israeli Defense budget goes to pensions because after 20years of service the retirees from the IDF are allowed to take their pensions and also take on a second career usually provided by the old boys club of the IDF with strong influence within the government and corporate Israel. You will see ex IDF careerists employed from American think tanks to all what we call the American Industrial complex.

    America influences Israel because IDF professionals who seek to broaden their after army horizons will not do anything to jeopardize their second careers by voicing opposition or support to policies that run counter to American interests.

    American interests are not Israels interests, never has been and never will be.

    BB, Barak and most other leading Israeli politicians can garner several $$millions per year on the banquet circuit making speeches from $$60-150,000 per appearance and speeches.

    Don’t anyone ever contend that the above does not weigh on our leaders decision making.