Will the West defend itself?

Joseph Rosenberger, The American Thinker, argues The Future of Western Civilization Depends on Two Things

[..] Life as we know it — the profound blessings of the Age of Enlightenment and the spectacular technological progress in the arts and sciences that resulted — is, absent a courageous defense, doomed to be devoured in the maws of a barbarian Islamofacism if President Bush’s war leadership fails.

Militant Islam means to convert, enslave, or exterminate the infidel non-Muslim world, depending on the degree of resistance encountered. The Koran demands it, and militant Islamists are implementing it wherever they have the critical mass to enforce it. Secular pluralism and a democratically established Rule of Law will not survive, absent protectors that exercise lethal force to defend it. This should be the litmus test of who should be our next president, and no other.

Islamofascism will be stopped by one of two ways, if it is stopped.

The first possibility is secularly pragmatic and essentially Darwinian. The society — Islamofascism or Western Civilization — will prevail depending upon who imposes its will on its neighbors sufficient to expand its borders, increase its population, and accumulate treasure. This follows the tectonic civilization shift thesis of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Society. [..]

The other scenario finds its roots in Judaism, already old a thousand years before Mohammed went into his desert caves. God declares in Psalm 137:5 “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, Let my right hand forget its skill!” This is the biblically-centered world view that abides by the ancient narratives, prophesies, and hopes. Everything depends on the choices of the righteous, and the mercy of God. [..]

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Don’t pay any heed to Mustafa.

    He is an opinion terrorist who drops into blogs such as these, quickly drops his accusation bombs and runs away, perhaps to then read the reactions and chuckle at how much time is wasted in responding.

  2. Not quite, Mustafa, the Iraqis are/have been quite capable of barbarism on their own – with or without the US, with or without Saddam, with or without Al Qaeda, with or without Iran or Saudi terrorists.

    It must something in the propaganda over there that makes people so witless that they cannot stop killing each other long enough to take advantage of the great pool of oil and resources that they are blessed with (and which could afford a bright future) or the deep pockets of a naive world that intended to rebuild an Iraqi nation which they thought would embrace democracy and freedom and the troops sent to liberate the Iraqi people from yet another Middle Eastern tyrant.

    Iraqi violence against itself and jihad is a disease of the mind and it spirals down the path of destruction without any protest from the Islamic world which happens to be more interested in cheering on and supporting either Sunnis or Shia depending on their allegiances and political/religious affiliations.

  3. Pls stop such deplorable remarks – Islamofacism, barbarism about Islam. What the “West” is doing in Iraq is a clear indication who is the barbarian and facist.

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