Winograd Report expected to be shocking

High Court: Publish Winograd testimonies before interim report

Interim report on cabinet’s conduct during Second Lebanon War will say ‘government should have quit after war’, according to source in Winograd Commission

The same source also mentioned what he called the “terrible mistake” made by the Agranat Commission following the Yom Kippur war, “When it chopped of the head of the military echelon – but left the political echelon in position. That won’t happen with the Winograd Commission, which will make profound statements.

“They will do the complete opposite of what the public thinks they will do. They will say that in a democratic government – when something like this happens – the government should quit.”

The source said he believed the problem was that there was “no culture of personal responsibility here.”

April 4, 2007 | Comments Off on Winograd Report expected to be shocking

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