Saudi Capitulation Plan

JPOST supports what it calls Olmert’s serious proposal

“I invite for a meeting all the heads of Arab states – including, of course, the king of Saudi Arabia, who I see as a very important leader – to hold talks with us,” Olmert said. “I do not intend to dictate to them what they should say, but I am certain they understand that we also will have something to say.” This idea does not come out of thin air. In past weeks, there has been considerable speculation over the prospects of a “4-plus-4-plus-2 meeting,” which is diplomatic lingo for the Quartet (US, UN, EU, and Russia), the “Arab quartet” (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE), and Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

But are confronted by Saudi Arabia: No talks before Israel accepts Arab peace plan.

Israel sure seems like it is anxious to capitulate if only the Saudis would appear more flexible.

April 4, 2007 | 8 Comments »

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