New plan may keep major settlements outside fence

Haaretz has a disturbing report on changes to the fence location.

The defense establishment may abandon the plan to include bulges in the separation fence – aimed at keeping major settlements bloc such as Ariel, Immanuel and Kedumin within the Israeli side of the divide. [..]

In his proposal, submitted late last month, Arieli states that the American Administration opposes the current route of the fence, which the cabinet approved last year, because it violates the territorial contiguity of the future Palestinian state. He added that future petitions against the current route of the fence would be hard to dismiss, given the humanitarian problems it poses. Arieli did add that the High Court of Justice recognized the security needs dependent on the construction of the fence, as long as it ran along the Green Line.

In addition, Arieli’s proposal states that any significant renewal of the dialogue with the Palestinians would require in-depth discussions on the need to minimize the disruption to the lives of Palestinians residing along the fence’s proposed path.

While we fantasize about what Israel should do, the reality is that the US is calling the shots. All the shots.

April 4, 2007 | Comments Off on New plan may keep major settlements outside fence

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