Yaalon defends Operation Defensive Edge

By Shlomo Cesana, ISRAEL HAYOM


October 15, 2014 | 21 Comments »

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  1. @ yamit82:
    thanks, the list of directors, members and donors is chock full of despicable Jews. Any Jew associated with such an event is pure evil.

  2. @ yamit82:
    I remember one big donor. I’m talking about $20,000 and above.
    Perhaps in the $100.000 to half a million who went to Israel and was very upset about the conditions the Palestinians were living. Never mind they brought it upon themselves. As soon as they see the journalist or tourists in sight the show begins. They put a few thugs and kids who by the way should be in school. Trowing stones and a few more shows and, they believe the narrative of the bastards. Have not spoken to that woman in 10 years. There are a few like her at the Met.
    I’m going to the Met web-site and see what donors can be convinced. Trump is not Jewish but I think he is sympathetic to our cause.
    Adams is less than a mediocre composer. The first piece I heard from him. was at a NY Philharmonic concert and could not believe what I was hearing. What they called music sounded as a bunch of cats being tortured and squeezed into crying. Tried to leave but had two people sitting between my seat and the aisle. Was really torture to my ears. On subsequent concerts I saw more than a third of the audience leave in another of Adam’s concert. What they do is: Present his concert first followed a popular concert to prevent people from leaving. Otherwise the auditorium would have emptied with his dissonant and horrible sounds. Who is promoting Adams? The media does not help. Politics has entered the arts and some of reviewers do not know jack about music or are being paid for a good review. The old timers are the only reviews you can count on.
    The arts have descended into the pits of dishonesty and used against Israel.
    Right now I must stop. I’m sad and very angry. Can’t continue.

  3. yamit82 Said:


    this link goes nowhere
    In my view it is deeply evil to take the pushing overboard of a cripple in a wheel chair off a cruise ship and give any shred of legitimacy to that act. Everyone connected with that production right down to the ticket taker deserve the fate of sodom and gomorah. Those seeking to legitimize it also deserve the same. Anyone attending the performances deserve the same fate. I would not have one shred of pity if I were to read that all connected were burned in a terrible fire.
    I am disappointed in the city gov of New York for allowing such a despicable event. I hope the Met blows up.

  4. @ yamit82:
    What I think is that it is an abomination the way the Met has gone since Peter Gelb, grandchild of Joseph Heifetz, the great violinist of our times is the biggest AH ever to be involved with the Met Opera. It is a fact the New York has lots of liberal Jews who are anti-Israel. They follow the leader or what many consider leaders and Israel has become their escape goat for everything that is bad. Now a days being a winner, being successful whether in life or in school. Honor. convictions and truthfulness is not in style any longer. You are the bad guy if you are logical and honest. This is the end result of the society we live in. The glorification of every evil cult it has become standard. The Klinghoffer Opera is an example.
    The political correctness crap that everyone is equal keeps exalting the Palestinians at the expense of the Jews.
    I have sent all the prepaid envelopes received from the Met soliciting donations with notes telling them what I think of this production. Just today I received another envelope. Also when contacted on the phone. Always tell why I’m not donating.
    There is something else I had not thought because I did not expected to come this far is: I know at least three major contributors who I have not seen in the last three years and, I’m going to contact them or at least try, end explain the situation in very plain terms.
    Since I have cut any ties with the Met I do not know if they would even see me. People in many circles is: “What have you done for me lately”. Will let you know how it went.

  5. @ mar55:

    Yes I was SHmuel HaLevi 2.

    He lives in the North and I in the South.

    Israel is a country where almost every Israeli Jew has a story and most are quite interesting. I used to collect stories. I remember when I was in boot camp in the IDF and I was with a group of foreigners who had volunteered in the IDF.

    One weekend we had a 72 hr. pass I think our first and a bunch of us having no family to go to or support us decided to head for Haifa and a good hotel to eat and rest up. We had with us an English kid who had relatives he never met and wanted to look them up and since the village they lived was on the way to Haifa we decided to go along. We started to Hitch rides not simple for 5 guys. One guy picked us all up in his closed Van and drove thirty miles out of his way to bring us to the village where the English kid had relatives. Got to the house rang the bell and a women opened to see five Israeli recruits standing there in uniform. The English kid introduced himself and the women his aunt it seems got really exited and called to her father a little Jew sitting with a black kippa reading some holy tome in the back room, (the door was open so I could see him before he noticed us) The woman called “Papa look who is here? Harold so and so’s kid from ‘Golders Green’ in London” The old Jew gets up comes into the room where all five of us were standing and began to cry. His daughter (the woman) asked”Papa why are you crying”? He after seeing us in uniform said”Because I am an old useless Jew”( pointing to us in Uniform). His daughter hugged her father and said “Papa that you are here is enough.”

    That story has always stuck in my memory.

  6. @ yamit82:
    If you are referring to SHmuel HaLevi 2 I have always liked him and respected him. He is a man who puts his money where his mouth is. I like the straight forward manner in which he calls them as he sees them. Another quality I respect: Just as yourself he really loves Israel and does not wear his religion on the sleeve. He has integrity and is a real practicing Jew unlike New York jinos who give me hives every time they open their mouths.
    Yes, yammit82 I really like him.

  7. The world is siding with Hamas and not because it loves them.

    Don’t kid yourselves into thinking they will ever treat the Jews like the Kurds… as objects of pity.

  8. Viiit Said:

    So was that a war crime?

    [Most] neither killers or victims weren’t Jews, so no crime.

    SHmuel HaLevi 2 Said:

    You don Ya’alon and your folk are through using us and our children “serving” in the impotent black hole that is the post Oslo IDF.

    I wish it were so but fear they are not finished or through.

    Any major change must come from below as it will never ever stem from above….

  9. Proportionality:
    In the battle of Okinawa some 10,000 Americans were killed and some 250,000 Japanese.
    So was that a war crime?

  10. The concept of proportionality applies to the Jews ALONE. According to the principle of proportionality Israel has the right to fire 8 to 10 thousands rockets into Gaza!!!!

  11. @ Bear Klein:

    Ganz is a fool and an idiot.. He is also a coward…in 1996 he allowed a wounded Druze soldier at josephs tomb tobleed to death because he was afraid to go in and get him under fire from the stinking PA authority security Rajub, So he as Rajub to save the soldier and he didn’t the soldier died and other wounded had to wait eventually for BB to threaten Arafat with invasion…

  12. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:
    I agree. VICTORY is either total victory and destruction of Hamas or nothing at all. Half cooked war does have the consequences of more trouble in the future. Unless total destruction of the enemy is achieved, there is no point sending young Israelis to be maimed and killed by vicious savages.
    Many things in Israel must be changed. Starting by the Supreme

  13. Ya’alon explains the reality well even if this not music to our ears. I prefer to have realities explained in lieu of people telling something populist that you want to hear.

  14. It is standard practice for agencies to read comments and emails, so here is a message for don Ya’alon.
    You don Ya’alon and your folk are through using us and our children “serving” in the impotent black hole that is the post Oslo IDF.
    We, the ageing parents and former soldiers ourselves, reject the “rubber bullet and paint ball” doctrine against enemies and brutal violence against targeted Jews. YOU SHALL NOT send our children to their death to achieve anything less than TOTAL victory, and we define what VICTORY IS, not your spin “doctors” nor Reshet “B” galloping talking heads or “meretze’s GALATZ.
    You, and no one else failed to terminate HAMAS and intentionally reached for what it amounts to abject non completion of the task.
    You are woefully unqualified to lead a true military.