Yaalon Lets Arabs Plow on Jewish Land in Samaria

Residents in an uproar as Arabs, claiming ownership without proof, allowed to plow near Esh Kodesh; Ya’alon ‘is winking at the left.’

By Ido Ben-Porat, Ari Yashar, INN

Arab farmers in the Shiloh Bloc of Samaria, where Arab assailants have in the past caused massive damage to Jewish agriculture, prepared to arrive Wednesday to plow adjacent to the Jewish communities of Esh Kodesh and the Yeshuv Hada’at Farms, under the permission of the IDF.

The plowing was given permission by the IDF’s Civil Administration which manages Judea and Samaria given that the region has yet to be annexed, and apparently was given after the Arab farmers turned to the High Court claimingownership to the land.

However, the High Court has yet to discuss the case and there is no evidence backing up the ownership claims – that hasn’t stopped extremist leftist groups from influencing decision makers to allow the entrance to farmland adjacent to Jewish houses.


Arab residents of the towns Jaloud and Kusra are to arrive to plow accompanied by members of the radical left, after Jewish residents demonstrated against the move Tuesday night, marching towards the town Migdalim on a path passing not far from Kusra.

There has been high tension between Esh Kodesh and Kusra, after 25 Jews touring the area were nearly murdered back in January. Despite Arab claims that the Jews were in Kusra to commit “price tag” vandalism, it was revealed the Jews were nowhere near the village when a mob of Arabsattacked them.

“People doing ‘price tag’ don’t go in the middle of the day, don’t go about without means of defense, and don’t do it in a group,” argued Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir at the time.

The lands being opened for Arab farmers to plow on Wednesday are adjacent to Esh Kodesh, Ahiya and Yeshuv Hada’at in Samaria’s Binyamin region.

“Defense Minister (Moshe) Ya’alon is using the residents to conduct a cynical political process and try to wink at Likud voters from the leftist side of the map,” read an announcement by residents. “It’s a shame that the defense minister appointed for the security of the residents brings Arabs in to plow inside the communities, thereby critically harming their security.”

The permission for the plowing is made more ironic by the fact that the IDFdestroyed 600 fruit trees in Esh Kodesh in January, on the same day just before the clash near Kusra, which many charged was caused by the Arabresidents feeling emboldened by the IDF activity. In addition, there have beenattempts to frame Esh Kodesh residents of harming Arab agriculture in the region.

Shevah Stern, head of the Likud’s “National Headquarters” faction and a candidate in the Likud primaries running for the party’s Knesset list, requested that Ya’alon prevent the plowing adjacent to Jewish houses due to the security risk.

“It is unthinkable that something like this should occur,” said Stern. “I turn to the defense minister personally from deep familiarity with him and say, Ya’alon, don’t let this lethal danger happen. The plowing is under IDF permission, and in your hand (is the ability) to stop the danger. I and all residents of Shiloh Bloc rely on you and ask you not to disregard the matter.”

“I hope that a true and long-reaching solution will be reached to deal with the Palestinian requests that an not based on anything, and I will act from within the Knesset to strengthen the security of Judea and Samaria residents in particular, and of all Israel,” concluded Stern.


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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Yaalon, just like Livni, was appointed by Netanyahu to execute HIS agenda. Obvious, but not sinking in. The appointees execute leftist policies while BB runs as a rightist, the best of both worlds for BB. Action VS. Rhetoric.

  2. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Once again I have been shown correct wrt Feiglin and I wish I was wrong but for ten years I’ve been trying to tell his loyal supporters to face reality and not waste time enegy and money on Feiglin. It’s not enough to have ideas that may be correct. He never faced reality that he was not the one to bring them to fruition in or out of the Likud.

    At least now his supporters have a home they can transfer their allegiance and votes to.

  3. @ yamit82:
    Moshe Feiglin walked himself into nowhere. Now his choices are limited since I doubt that Mr. Bennett would want to lend him a line. Moshe is known to be a poor campaigner. Why did he stay in the likud beats me.
    I have no information on Ms. Hotavely
    As to our brothers and sisters discerning voting to come.
    You are correct. They will again screw up royally, totally. 😉

  4. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    The Likud effectivly dumped Feiglin and Hotaveli. Apparently all their party support is going to Bennentt and no deals were made to keep them solidy in the Likud fold. I am glad this happened. Feiglin now has a choice to quit politics or join the Bayit ha Yehudi party and play a second or third fiddle or less in the party. He can only bring to the table some cash because it looks like he lost most of his political support to Bennett already.

    This is good because it now pits the Likud sans any real ideology against Bennett and if Bennet runs a smart campaign he will take a lot of votes from the Likud. How many?????

    We will see but I have 100% confidence the Israeli voter will make the worst choices, 😉

  5. @ woolymammoth:
    I know. “He was just following orders”. We heard that before, have we not?
    The re election of a speechster with a TV face making ability, a committed abandonment planner, a freezer of Jewish construction, a betrayer and liar again to be a PM augurs only further decay and harm. And if couple that with kibbutznik generals, total disaster including mega disengagement is assured.
    What is the difference between Netanyahu and Livni-Hertzog? That the later say outright what they plan and Netanyahu lies about planning the same.
    Mr. Bennett looks more and more as the best option for the post.

  6. Naftali Bennet would not have done this as DM. Bennet represents an optimistic future for Israelis and Israel. Oslo is pronounced DEAD.
    I can not believe that Ya’alon took this action without the express approval, at least, if not outright orders of the PM.
    Ya’alon does as he is told to do.
    IMO Netanyahu feels a need to reinforce his support amongst centrists, who are undecided. The election is Bibi’s focus, he will mend fences later as necessary or warranted. He knows he is going to have to deal with Bennet. He probably does not want to give Naftali the Defense Minister portfolio, he would want Ya’alon to continue in that role. Ya’alon’s cooperation on this issue would indicate to me that he is still in the game and is not planning to resign. Nevertheless, ya’alon may have to step aside and accept a different portfolio. If I were handing out the assignments, I would give him tourism. If he did not accept it, I would let him go, no great loss.

  7. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Tomorrow is the Likud Primary and I hope Ya’alon is placed in a very unsafe position on the list.

    Ya’alon must be removed as DM.

    Civil Administration should be removed from IDF and really placed under civilian Authority. Any Officer whose [political views are known to be in sympathy and compatibility with the left must be transferred to units away from Y&S and the Jordan Valley.

    The settlers and all who support them must do what ever is necessary to insure our land is not passed under the radar to our enemies by our enemies using any method to prevent the creeping give away to the our enemies.

  8. Gaucho Judio yarns of a century plus ago…
    I was not there. My parents were there though.
    In the Colonies Jewish Russian immigrants received at special prices significant parcels of State Land.
    Taking possession and working it was not that simple though.
    Many did not care to loose free pasture land to anyone and caused very bad problems.
    The Colonos or settlers formed self defense communal organizations and packed Winchester’s 73’s, Mauser’s, Colts, etc.
    I do not remember if also they “protested”, probably they did, but the definition came from acting against threats.

    STOP crying and start protecting your land at all costs.