You are Hatikvah

By Ted Belman

To each of you personally.

Israpundit have kept you abreast of Aryeh Eldad’s new nationalist party Hatikvah. I reported on it in the Nationalist camp vs the Disengagement Camp

My friend Tzafrir Ronen is the one leading the charge to rebuild in Chomesh. He and his fellow activists intend to keep returning to Chomesh day after day, no matter the beatings or arrests, until the government gives up. According to him, if we win in Chomish, we win everywhere.

Eldad and Ronen are on the front lines. They need our financial help. Now is the time to act.

Please speak to your friends and associates and each raise $5000 for this cause. If you don’t move in money circles, give what you can. This is our baby. Let’s take it personally and support it.

Time is short as you know. Do your best.

July 31, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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