Zelenskiy Says War Not a Hollywood after a Year of Depicting It as a Hollywood Movie,

US Generals’ Poor Punditry on Ukraine, The War of Mines, and much more…

By Mark Sleboda, REAL POLITICK

Radio Interview on Faultlines 22/06/23

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  • Zelenskiy admits Kiev regime offensive has “slower progress than desired” and tells us the war is “not a Hollywood movie” after over a year of waging an information war depicting it as a Hollywood movie.
  • Rating US Generals’ punditry on Ukraine
  • Zaluzhny channels Disney CGI Baby Yoda
  • NATO personnel at risk at Kiev regime “decision making centers”
  • The War of Mines in Ukraine
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  1. Hi, guys and gals. This is my first posat of the morning. Let’s start with words from the horse’s mouth:

    Citizen Free Press
    Putin responds to Wagner coup:

    “This is a criminal campaign. It is equivalent to armed mutiny. Russia will defend itself and repel this move. We are fighting for the life and security of our citizens.”
    12:04 AM · Jun 24, 2023


  2. @Michael

    The Moscow Times
    A Moscow Times reporter in central Moscow around 1 a.m. local time did not see a significant military or police presence near the Kremlin.


    The Moscow Times
    Elsewhere in the capital, columns of military vehicles were filmed near the Defense Ministry headquarters and the road leading to the presidential administration building was reportedly closed off.

    to which J.E. Dyer responded

    Interesting; so, apparently not acting on a perceived need to protect the Kremlin.
    None pursueth? The wicked aren’t fleeing at the moment?

    Fog of war, but this does look like more fantasy reporting to me. Time will tell.


    An unverified video posted on the “Razgruzka Wagner” (Wagner’s Combat Vest) Telegram channel showed a scene in a forest where small fires were burning and trees appeared to have been broken by force.

    It carried the caption: “A missile attack was launched on the camps of PMC Wagner. Many victims. According to eyewitnesses, the strike was delivered from the rear, that is, it was delivered by the military of the Russian Ministry of Defense.”

    Prigozhin vowed to avenge the incident: “There are 25,000 of us and we are going to figure out why chaos is happening in the country.”

    But he also added: “This is not a military coup.”



  4. Sleboda has all the credibility of Saturday Night Live. If you want to know what’s really happening on the battlefield, ask the Russian Wagner general, Prigozhyn:

    6 hours ago
    The head of “Wagner” PMC Prigozhin

    Auto Translation:

    “The Ministry of Defense is deceiving the public and telling the story that there was aggression on the part of Ukraine for 8 years, and they were going to attack us together with all of NATO. Ukraine did not attack the civilian population, only the positions of the Russian army”

    6 hours ago
    No one killed 60 leopards, this is complete total nonsense, now the Russian army is retreating in the Zaporozhye, Kherson directions, – Prigozhin.

    “The Armed Forces of Ukraine are pushing through the Russian army, we are washing ourselves with blood, no one gives reserves, there is no control.”

    He is clearly the main fan of our victory ?

    It is very important to understand that he is our enemy and he just tells what is profitable for him in his conflict with Shoigu.

    6 hours ago
    Continue to publish the most interesting from the interview:


    Zelensky, when he became president, was ready for agreements. All that had to be done was to get down from Mount Olympus, go and negotiate with him,

    “What was the war for? The war was needed for Shoigu to receive a ‘hero star’. The oligarchic clan that rules Russia needed the war. The war was needed to install Medvedchuk as president of Ukraine.”

    All that had to be done was to get down from Mount Olympus, go and negotiate with [Zelenskyy]

    Instead, the Russians (Shoigu) destoyed city after city, and tens of thousands of civilians — as well as tens of thousands of Russian “volunteers”.