ZOA’s Klein Agrees to Amb. Friedman’s Request- Listen to Concerns About ZOA Opposition to McMaster/Tillerson Policies and Actions


ZOA president Morton A Klein released the following statement:

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has written to the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) of his concerns about the ZOA’s opposition to National Security Council Chair Lt. General H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s actions and policy positions on Israel, Iran, and radical Islamic terrorism.

In a letter to ZOA president Morton A Klein, Amb. Friedman wrote, “Dear Mort, As you know, I have the highest regard for the work of ZOA and for you personally. I am constrained to point out, however, my belief that ZOA was mistaken in its recent call for the resignation or reassignment of two people with whom I work closely, Secretary Tillerson and General McMaster…”

It’s revealing that many extreme anti-Israel, pro-Iran Deal leftists defend McMaster while many who are strongly pro-Israel, anti-Iran Deal criticize him.

ZOA admires and respects Amb. Friedman as a brilliant, clear thinking, and courageous supporter of a strong America and of a strong and mutually beneficial US-Israel relationship. Amb. Friedman’s love of America, Israel and the Jewish people are unassailable. That’s why I and ZOA unequivocally and publicly supported Amb. Friedman’s nomination from the very beginning while others were wrongly silent or critical.

Amb. Friedman has in writing and by phone informed me that he disagrees with ZOA’s concerns about McMaster/Tillerson and would like to “attempt to convince” me that we should change our position and is hoping I “will keep an open mind.”

I told Amb. Friedman that, of course, I and we at ZOA welcome any new or different information or thoughts or opinions that the Ambassador might have or has that we need to and will consider. I’m always happy to do that especially when that request comes from someone who is an American patriot who loves Israel and shows great concern for innocent Palestinian Arabs and pursues peace with the lucidity and knowledge and wisdom that Amb. Friedman displays.

ZOA’s concerns about General McMaster stems from many issues including his firing Trump loyalists who support Israel and oppose the Iran Deal; his hiring many who oppose Trump’s policies especially on Israel and Iran; his refusal to acknowledge that the Western Wall is in Israel; his refusal to state that Israel’s response to the terrorist group Hamas’ rocket attacks against Israel was “ethical”: his refusal to acknowledge that Iran has violated the Iran Deal; his refusal to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” and much more.

ZOA points out it’s revealing, troubling and illuminating that extreme leftists that are hostile to Israel and Trump have defended McMaster, yet never defended David Friedman when he was mercilessly, relentlessly and wrongly being attacked by left wing people and groups hostile to Israel. And the strong critics of McMaster are the strongest pro-Israel supporters and the strongest opponents of the Iran Deal and Radical Islamic terrorism, namely Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield, and ZOA’s Morton Klein, among others.

Supporters of McMaster include the radical Islamic anti-Israel group CAIR, left wing, Trump-hating, Soros-funded anti Israel group Media Matters, anti-Israel TV commentator Van Jones and others. CAIR was formally an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land  Foundation trial and Hamas financing case that resulted in the FBI discontinuing working with CAIR. CAIR has tried to end any discussion by calling those opposed to McMaster  “Islamophobes and White Supremacists,” while stating nothing of substance. Van Jones has been harshly critical of Israel. He signed a letter calling on Pres. Obama to “impose a final settlement” on Israel backed by sanctions. Van Jones supports the “right of return of the Palestinian people” which would destroy Israel as a Jewish State. And he  clearly opposes Israel’s very existence by condemning in 2002 its “occupation for 54 years,” meaning since Israel’s reestablishment in 1948! Moreover, Jones also, on CNN, tried to end any discussion of criticism of McMaster by calling his critics “the dirty right” without offering any substantive issues. And Democrat Dan Shapiro, far left wing Obama appointment as Ambassador to Israel, has defended Trump appointee McMaster by going on a name calling rampage of McMaster critics with virtually no facts. Yet, he never defended David Friedman when his nomination was bitterly attacked by extremists. One should recall that Shapiro, as a top Aide to Senator Feinstein strongly urged and supported including a security waiver in the 1995 Jerusalem Bill to move the Embassy there- thereby making it possible to stop this most appropriate relocation even when passed by overwhelming numbers in the House and Senate. (In terms of full disclosure I must state that because Dan Shapiro, with whom I had many long respectful debates on Obama’s harsh policies on Israel, pleaded with me to endorse him for US Ambassador, I reluctantly agreed with the qualification in a strong public statement that I disagreed with most of his Israel positions.)

ZOA’s concerns about Secretary Tillerson stem from the vicious anti-Israel State Dept. Report that he recently allowed to be released and then had his spokesperson strongly and fully defend this anti-Israel, even anti-Semitic Report. We were also deeply troubled by, among other things, Tillerson referring to Tel Aviv as “the Home of Judaism” when of course it’s Jerusalem; referring to “Palestine” when there is no such State at this point; refusing to take a position on Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.

Despite all our deep concerns based on the facts, I and ZOA will be happy to respectfully listen to and read any information or insights on this issue that Ambassador Friedman wishes to share.

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  1. Sad to say but it looks like Friedman is now siding with the swamp creatures such as McMaster . This administration can’t claim to be pro Israel while allowing the State Dept. to turn out the sort of pro Palestinian garbage as contained in the recent terrorism report.

  2. It is necessary to convey another level of concern with how people have chosen-up-sides in this battle.

    The following article prompted my submission of a rejoinder-letter that has not been published, now, almost 48 hours following its submission; know that the critique was boiled-down to essence [and this precluded correcting, for example, the grammar-error @ the top…because one deals “among” 2+ people, not “between” them].


    This is what I wrote:

    “Disingenuous, Deceitful, Dastardly Attack on Three Zionist Trailblazers”

    The plethora of lies and half-truths in this ideological, personal and professional hatchet-job illustrate more about the anti-Jewish nature of its author than the opinions that were spun as a result.

    For example, the fact that the [illegal, as I have extensively documented in ~20 op-eds during the past 2+ years] JCPOA was certified is invoked to suggest that The Donald is acquiescing to its having been anything more than a capitulation-pact.

    In actuality, multiple news reports revealed the POTUS was furious that McMaster/Tillerson had failed [at the last minute] to provide him policy-alternatives to OK’ing it; that’s why he emphasized that the issue will be revisited after the comprehensive review of Iran Policy has been completed…presumably prior to the next 90-day deadline.

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/17/us/politics/trump-iran-nuclear-deal-recertify.html [“Trump Recertifies Iran Nuclear Deal, but Only Reluctantly”]

    Breitbart NEVER published anything that was remotely anti-Jewish; indeed, its Jerusalem Bureau routinely supports the government…that the author of this piece presumably opposes…and ANY suggestion to the contrary is itself ANTI-JEWISH [a.k.a. “reverse-racism”].

    And Glick’s specific reason for critiquing McMaster stems from the allegation [which the author of this piece failed to confront] that McMaster blocked BB from accompanying The Donald to the Western Wall…for WHATEVER reason[s].

    Anyone who wishes to compare/contrast wild [false] allegations with well-documented truths is invited to skim the ZOA’s analysis:


  3. Granted, it’s not surprising that the lefties relish this type of conflict, manifest for example when they suddenly claim to adore McMaster/Tillerson [and Sessions, for the same reason].

    But what’s notable is how allegedly pro-Zionist entities such as Ha’aretz have deigned to print an op-ed that is so overflowing with deceit of which the author had to have been aware.

    Perhaps it would be preferable–to get published, next time–to compose a weak reply?

  4. Hi, rsklaroff.

    I just checked your link to Ha’aretz. Why you would want to publish on such a rag from the sewer, is beyond me. To each his own.

    Concerning McMaster, Tillerson, et al, I’ll say this: None of Trump’s appointees have a guaranteed long shelf life — especially McMaster, who was appointed when the President was desperate to get the position filled. There is only one close advisor to Mr. Trump that I closely follow, the only one who will almost certainly last all four years of his term: his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the one who purchased 666 Fifth Avenue as his flagship property.

    You know that by mentioning “666”, I am suggesting that Jared might be the beast or false prophet of the New Testament. If he is, the whole world will be wondering at him and worshipping him in a few years. We’ll see. He holds the Middle East portfolio, among many others; so he is intimately connected with what happens in the Middle East. In fact, practically every topic Ted posts here, in in his bailiwick.

    Is the Kush concerned about whom McMaster hires and fires? Not awfully much. The latest articles about him have him:

    1. conspiring with Rupert Murdoch, to have Bannon get the sack

    2. has a word put in for him by the Great Bilderberger, Henry Kissinger

    3. is called by Bill Moyers, “The Trump Era’s Forrest Gump” (because he happens to be in the room, when anything important is coming down)

    4. is off to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the PLO (practically the “Who’s Who” of Israpundit)

    Need I say more? I’m more interested in one word by or about Jared Kushner, than I am in 100 words about McMaster.

    Just don’t get his number branded on your wrist.

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