15 soldiers fell in battle in Gaza – My heart bleeds

IDF clears for publication names of 9 soldiers who fell in battle while fighting Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.


The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit on Wednesday morning cleared for publication the names of nine soldiers who fell in battle in the Gaza Strip:

– Ariel Reich, 24, from Jerusalem

– Asif Luger, 21, from Yagur

– Adi Danan, 20, from Yavne

– Halel Solomon, 20, from Dimona

– Erez Mishlovsky, 20, from Oranit

– Adi Leon, 20, from Nili.

– Ido Ovadia, 19, from Tel Aviv

– Lior Siminovich, 19, from Herzliya

– Roei Dawi, 20, from Jerusalem

– Pdaya Mark

In addition, two soldiers were seriously injured during the fighting in the last day. Their families have been notified.

On Tuesday, the names of two IDF soldiers who fell in battle against the Hamas terrorist organization in northern Gaza were cleared for publication.

Sergeant Roei Wolf, a 20-year-old resident of Ramat Gan, and Sergeant Lavi Lipshitz, a 20-year-old resident of Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut, were killed during battles on the ground against Hamas in northern Gaza.

Both soldiers served in the Givati Brigade Commando Unit. They were killed by an RPG that was fired at the building in which the Givati soldiers were stationed at the time.

The IDF began ground operations in northern Gaza on Friday, nearly three weeks after Hamas terrorists massacred over 1,400 people in southern Israel.

During the ground incursions into Gaza, Private Ori Megidish, an IDF soldier who was one of hundreds of people kidnapped by terrorists into Gaza on October 7, was successfully rescued from captivity.

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  1. Here in Israel, we are prevented from seeing the absolutely horrific photos of what happened to our friends and relatives, our children and elderly – our neighbors. This is what the spokesperson for the IDF did this week. Journalists from abroad were shown a 37-minute film documenting the truth about Hamas and the phony claims of being a humanitarian resistance movement. Those reporters will never be the same.

    If true, this is extremely shocking. Israekis are not allowed to see the films and photographs of the atrocities committed by Hamas against their fellow-countrymen and relatives.

    Israeli Jews have never had a sense of their collective self-interest. That is true of diaspora Jews as well. A people who lack a sense of their collective self-interest interest has very little chance of surviving as a people.

  2. Honeybee

    I think that someone, definitely a Christian lunatic, is using your name to get $5 a month from unsuspecting dimwits.

    But there are no such on Israpundit T.G.

  3. This announcement in Arutz Sheva.

    331 IDF soldiers have been killed in battle.
    A tragedy for all Jews everywhere and especially in Israel.

  4. Most of those killed were in an APC that was hit by an anti tank round. APC’s are not very well armored and are death traps.

    Israel has the Elbit Iron Fist anti missile system developed for APC’s and Tanks but the IDF was probably too busy trying to take on the Netanyahu government and its necessary judicial reform so did not equip all APC’s with this life saving device.

    This is after the IDF General Staff ignored 3 months of continuous warnings on the Gaza border from its front line intelligence troops: “Tatzpitaniyot.” Of course the Mossad and Shin Bet were doing nothing as well as they were too busy also trying to take down a duly elected government.

    Nothing to do with Netanyahu – the heavily politicized IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet screwed this up. It is on them 100%. Will anyone be fired or resign? You must be joking.

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