In support of Constitutional Government in the US

By Ted Belman

I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday on the subject of the US Constitution and Palin’s desire to be ruled by it. She expressed the typical leftist belief that it is subject to interpretation. Today as I was reading Sarah Palin’s new book America By Heart, I read the following four pages in which Palin brilliantly answers her and all her running mates.

I was very impressed wih how she framed her argument.

January 2, 2011 | 20 Comments »

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20 Comments / 20 Comments

  1. Hi Michael, I don’t get your post.

    Besides the shooting of a congresswoman (a total of 20 people shot) in Tucson, Arizona yesterday, I read an article that has me shaking my head. Arizona is my other home state, where I graduated from high school and attended the University of Arizona. About 25 years ago, I was taking a Spanish class there and became aware of a Hispanic/Mexican movement that wanted to regain Arizona and California for Mexico. Latins in the US who are actively engaged in this are not called Latinos, they are called Chicanos.

    Yesterday in the NYTimes I read an article where the Arizona top Educator had banned an hispanic course in literature in Tucson because, he accused, the teacher was fomenting revolution against America. Many others agreed with this position. The article gave examples of teachings that are not usually found in Spanish Literature classes. For one, he was teaching the Hispanic students that they were being taken advantage of as underdogs of American society.

    The teacher is furious and wonders why other special language classes were not investigated and also banned. Well, it seems these other classes are not fomenting revolution. I wonder what the courts are going to say about this.

  2. Another thing. Many countries in the world guarantee health care for all their citizens. We need only look to see what their results are. We don’t have to argue this.

    Are there any quadriplegics in those countries that “guarantee” health care?

  3. Another thing. Many countries in the world guarantee health care for all their citizens. We need only look to see what their results are. We don’t have to argue this.

    Since Obama was a professor of Constitutional Law, do we really have to wonder why he uses the phrases he does?

    Also does everyone see how hard it is to make budget cuts when matters such as I listed above are involved? What we could do is bring the soldiers home from Afghanistan–whatever we do there ain’t agonna work–and reinstate the taxes for the wealthiest Americans, who should be worshipping the ground America is built on for their good fortune.

    Ted cut off the discussion on Christianity before I was able to add this: There were Jews living in Rome during the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. They were engaged in trading, export, import and no doubt finances. Biblical Archaeology Review magazine recently published information indicating at least some of these Jews believed the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE and its burying of Pompei was G-d’s revenge for the Romans having destroyed the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE.

  4. Do you want to see the health care bill repealed, and what will you do when hospitals can no longer afford to stay open because there is no insurance for the poor?

    The solution is not to go after health insurance costs, but health care costs.

    And that is done by placing price caps on health care, and punishing violators with execution.

  5. Hi Dov

    Tell me what you would have done differently.

    As well, are you in favor of lifting the debt limit and were you for the payment for health care to the 9-11 responders? Were you for the settlement with the American Indians in over a century of cheating them on oil, gas etc. leases? Were you for the settlement with black farmers for decades of abuse by not granting them loans? Do you want to see the health care bill repealed, and what will you do when hospitals can no longer afford to stay open because there is no insurance for the poor?

  6. Obama did save it, however sad it may be.

    This is so untrue. The federal deficit is now $140 billion dollars per month. No country has ever had that high of a deficit in the history of the world. The largest federal deficit under Reagan, I believe, was $270 billion dollars per year. When the tax cuts started working, Federal Revenues doubled before he left office in 1988.

    Because of the federal deficits, the dollar is crashing against most major currencies except for the Euro which is weak for its own reasons. It has never been as weak as it is now. Here in Israel the dollar has never been so low against the shekel, and there are no signs that it will not continue to weaken further. With all the apparently good economic news since Xmas, one would think that the dollar would strengthen. Historically that is what happened whenever America recovered from recessions. Not so any more. The dollar is crashing, and there are signs that the Chinese have stopped buying up Federal treasuries and are investing in commodities instead. With this new development the dollar’s crash will further accelerate. If the major investor in the world is no longer buying into the ever increasing debt, the Fed has to expand the money supply. In short the dollar is doomed sooner or just a little bit later. America’s federal debt has increased by $5 trillion dollars since Obama took office. I doubt that this would have occurred during a McCain/Palin Administration.

    Perhaps I did not make it clear when I supported socialized health insurance above. The free market works better than socialism in almost every other sphere of the economy by allowing for the creation of wealth, especially in a country the size of America where competition can be assured in almost any industry. It is sad to watch the Titanic slowly sink into the abyss. And that is what is happening as the dollar gurgles into nothingness.

  7. Sarah is full of horse manure. If she didn’t recognize the precipice the US was leaning toward when Obama took the extraordinary steps to save our economy, she might as well fiddle with Nero. Obama did save it, however sad it may be. There’s no thanks to Bush and the Republicans who got us into this. At least Bush has refrained from criticism, knowing he had a hand in the debacle, but Republican leaders are flapping their gums and being two faced about it, hoping the public doesn’t remember, but we do. We do!

    All of the talk about the Health Care bill being unconstitutional is more horse manure. By their reasoning the government shouldn’t support Social Security, VA benefits, which it does very well, by the way. Maybe if Mitch McConnell’s older relatives all moved in with him due to lack of social programs, he’d get the message.

    I’m waiting for the newly elected Republicans to make a difference. Let’s see those jobs! Let’s see the rewards they claim they can get for the American people! The ball is in their court.

    As for Sarah Palin, the image of her hitting fish with a paddle and shooting a pre-arranged moose is ridiculous. I want to see the battle with the Grisly Bear! She makes me cringe with embarrassment, especially knowing she’s just putting on a show for the money. Sarah Palin is incapable of understanding the U.S. Constitution.

  8. Sarah Palin is sloppy in her introduction. The term “self evident truths” has nothing to do with the Constitution. It appears in the Declaration of Independence referring solely to rights of equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And liberals today agree with the Founders on all these. As for the myriad of rules in the Constitution, which include details such as the Vice President having the power to break a tie vote in the Senate, the framers did not claim anything was somehow self evident or granted by the Creator. They are simply rules we Americans agreed together to adopt. And together we can decide, through proper means, to rescind them.

  9. We must be rational in our discussions. Democrats are not rational. There are two aspects of rational thinking. One is clearly stating the principles and logical conclusions. The other is empirical and historical verification. See the new book, Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living. Liberals ignore empirical evidence. We need to challenge them on this.

  10. If the government promises everyone will get necessary health care, we can be certain no one will get necessary health care. We must not believe government promises. The only thing we can do is to try to do our best. We must encourage doctors to study hard and long so that they can give health care. Not the Cuban model, by government saying to the doctor, “You shall practice!” but by the profit motive. The profit motive is a bad approach, but better than all other approaches.

  11. The only thing that I would disagree with is the statement that “universal health care” is not implicit in the writings of the Founding Fathers of America. Jefferson said there is a “right to life” endowed by the Creator. Under the system where people bankrupt themselves to have health care paid for by private insurers with a profit motive, too many Americans get left in the dust. Private insurers create plans where people with pre-existing conditions have to pay unbearably high premiums which they cannot afford because they are sick and not able to work. They are placed in group plans by these insurance companies whose premiums are confiscatory to say the least while well people who work for themselves or for others can switch from more expensive plans to less expensive plans by finding a new insurance group. Even if these sick people with pre-existing conditions bought insurance before they were sick, new cheaper plans are constantly being offered by insurance companies for people without pre-existing conditions. The well people then enter these group plans leaving sick people to wallow in group plans with premiums spiraling higher and higher by the month sometimes while they are already going bankrupt because they may be too sick to work. This is upholding the “right to life” clause in the Declaration of Independence?? In short the profit motive does not assure anyone of a right to life when it comes to health care. I’m sorry. Socialized medicine where everyone is covered is more likely to guarantee a country’s citizens of the “right to life”. Israel’s system of providing health care to all its citizens is superior to America’s system any day of the week except for Shabbat. But even on Shabbat, there is always Terem urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

  12. It also seems to me that Sarah Palin is growing in stature and is becoming a more serious prospect to stand for election in 2012. At least she can tell right from wrong and friend from foe which already places her ahead of so many others.

    Hmm then you are saying that “In the Kingdom of the blind the one eyed woman is queen”?

  13. With all due respect Ted, I think your daughter is subject to interpretation…

    But seriously, the reason leftists are able to say this is that they are generally in no danger. And one of the ways they keep out of danger – aside from ensuring that they stay well away from it – is by agreeing and siding with the enemy, particularly if the enemy is overtly violent. Someone charging at you waving a knife or an AK47 isn’t “subject to interpretation”.

  14. Listen to Obama’s speeches, especially this one, and you’ll repeatedly hear him use some variation of the phrase “a more perfect union”. He has hijacked this portion of the preamble to the US Constitution to suggest that the country, its laws and values, are fundamentally flawed and lacking and that they must be reshaped and reformed along the lines of an extreme left-wing agenda to “form a more perfect union”. Selecting activist federal judges who adhere or are sympathetic to that agenda is vital to moving this process along.

  15. I believe that our bible also instructs judges to apply the law equally and not to favor the rich over the poor or the poor over the rich. It also seems to me that Sarah Palin is growing in stature and is becoming a more serious prospect to stand for election in 2012. At least she can tell right from wrong and friend from foe which already places her ahead of so many others.