Glenn Beck visits the Fogel home

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Glenn Beck arrived in Israel yesterday and broadcast his daily radio show live from Jerusalem earlier today.

Beck, who began the show by saying it has been “an incredible weekend,” is in Israel as part of his much-anticipated “Restoring Courage” event, which is intended to show solidarity with the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

During the first hour of his show, Beck spent time discussing his visit to Itamar in Samaria [part of the region, along with Judea, that those with less-than-warm feelings for Israel prefer to refer to as the “West Bank”]. While in Itamar, Beck visited the home and community of the Fogel family, members of whom were brutally massacred in March by Arab Muslim terrorists who invaded their home while they were observing Shabbat.

In regard to Itamar and the Fogels, Beck today said:

    I was just at the home of the Fogel family. I went to Itamar in Judea and Samaria. Our cameras were the first to be allowed into the home. It is empty now, and they couldn’t get all of the blood off of the walls. I will tell you that … this was one of the most horrific, bloodiest massacres I could imagine. It was horrifying. Horrifying.

    And yet, in that community, profound hope. … if you stand in their backyard, you can see the two mountains: the mountain of blessing and the mountain of curse. It is scriptural. Which do you choose? The mountain of blessing or curse?

    And this community has both. I can’t believe what people go through here in Israel. And the world stays silent. The media is distorting and … lying to you. And it is important that you know it.

Beck had also, on March 15, spoken emotionally about the massacre of the Fogel family.

The three major restoring Courage events begin on Sunday.

On Sunday at 1:00 PM EST, Beck will host “Restoring Courage: The Courage to Love” from the Roman amphitheater in Caesaria. This event will feature Pastor John Hagee, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, historian David Barton and other religious leaders in a program which has, as its foundation, the Biblical stories of Ruth and Esther. The goal, according to Beck’s “Restoring Courage” site, is to “inspire its audiences to display loyalty, courage and love as they stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.”

Next Monday at 1:00 PM EST, the event that will take place is the Holocaust-oriented “Restoring Courage: Courage to Remember.” This event will include the screening of a documentary film that explores the life-long impact of the Holocaust on its victims. That will be followed by a panel discussion and candle-lighting ceremony.

The main “Restoring Courage” event, “Restoring Courage: The Courage to Stand,” will occur next Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST. At that time, Beck will host an event at the Davidson Center in Jerusalem just steps from the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. “The Courage to Stand” will call for unity among all faiths, and, according to the site, “will honor Israelis who have displayed courage in their struggle for survival and peace. It will also issue a challenge to all citizens of the world to stand with and declare their support for Israel. Joining Glenn will be religious leaders, esteemed speakers and entertainers including the Rabbi of the Western Wall, Shumuel Rabinovitch, Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight, internationally renowned singer Dudu Fisher, and the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir.”

(Next Tuesday night at 8 PM, Beck’s GBTV will broadcast a special filmed about the stop Beck and his wife Tania made in Auschwitz on their way to Israel.)

Audio from Beck’s Monday, August 15 program is available to subscribers via this link.

Coverage of the various Restoring Courage events will be available via

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  1. We learn everything from our ancient sources, particularly the ingenuous Bible. Perhaps some soul on Itamar can enter the Fogel home and carefully demolish the walls containing visible blood. These pieces can then be mailed to “important” people and politicians with appropriate explanation. (Biblical reference to “the concubine on the hill” – outcome not what I am looking for, but the PR sensibility of the act is perfect!)

  2. ONLY Glenn Beck has continued to focus on the horrific massacre of the Fogel family. Even other supposedly pro-Israel conservative talk radio hosts only mentioned the Fogel family in passing at the time it happened.