Its WAR, Stupid

Who are the “good guys?”

[This is an article by Ami Isseroff. He points out the obvious, to us at least. When I read about this arrest my immediate reaction was why didn’t the IDF have a shoot out with them killing most. Israel doesn’t need more prisoners to release. Just a few to question.]

On Wednesday, Israeli troops arrested 18 fugitive terrorists. Were these operatives of the evil Hamas movement or the Iranian oriented Islamic Jihad? No, they were members of the Fatah movement of “moderate” Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. part of the Fatah Al-Aqsa brigades. Where they were arrested is even more interesting, since they were hiding in Palestinian Military intelligence headquarters, where they were supposedly going to be absorbed into the Palestinian Police Force!.

This raid points out one of the absurdities and double binds of an increasingly absurd situation. On the one hand, Mahmoud Abbas is supposed to be a “peace partner.” In that capacity, the United States has been supplying his forces with arms. On the other hand, the Fatah remains committed to “resistance” (=terrorism) against Israel. When your “peace partner” attacks you, or harbors terrorists, what are you supposed to do? And after you do it, how do you meet your “peace partner” for further talks? CONTINUE

March 8, 2007 | Comments Off on Its WAR, Stupid

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