Presidents who were/are out to get us


By Jon Christian Ryter

[..] Before considering who would be on my “best” list, let’s look at those who have done the best job of destroying the Bill of Rights or, at least, of abrogating liberty. The president who did the most to marginalize liberty in the United States was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Franklin D. Roosvelt

[..] But, more than anything else, Roosevelt earned the distinction of being the worst president because, on Nov. 26, 1941 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (in a wiretapped call taped by the Gestapo, Gestapo File #321-41) called FDR to inform him that the Japanese fleet was sailing towards Hawaii to attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor—and asked Roosevelt to do nothing so the United States could enter the British war against the Axis without any voter backlash in the 1942 midterm election. Knowing Americans were soon going to be killed in a surprise attack, FDR boarded his private train for a belated Thanksgiving celebration in Warm Springs, Georgia. Because FDR deliberately did nothing in order to get the United States into a war America could have easily avoided, 3,219 American navy and army personnel died on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941. Another 1,272 were wounded.

FDR climbed into bed with the globalists before World War II became World War II. On August 10, 1941 Roosevelt met Churchill in Placentia Bay off the coast of Newfoundland to divide the spoils of war at the conclusion of a world war that had not yet officially began. But more important, Roosevelt and Churchill redesigned the League of Nations by giving it a new suit of clothes and calling it the United Nations. Like the League of Nations, the UN was to be the parliament of the world—with every nation surrendering sovereignty to the Americanized League of Nations.

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