Feldman backed Sharia for the Iraq constitution

March 23, 2012 | 5 Comments »

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. @ Alan:

    An ObaMuslim supporting JINO married to a Shiksa (non Jewish) wife who hates Orthodox Judaism. I also read his bio and he is a erev rav enemy within. My parents came from Iraq when they threw out the Jewish community in 1951 and he said that the best thing the US could have done is place a Sunni puppet who would do whatever Washington told him to do. Islam and freedom don’t mix and you don’t want the Shiites running the show.

    Would this feigele want Sharia if they mutilated his wife’s genital so she won’t experience sexual pleasure per Islamic law?

  2. This FEIGELE, not withstanding his specious argument in favor of Shariah Law in Iraq, does not address the point of; by what right do America or any none Iraqi have the right to approve or disapprove what system of government comes into being in Iraq or anywhere else, including their legal system and legal codes?

    He says it’s too hard to invent new institutions and get them to be accepted and actually do what they were intended to do. Yet America did just that after WW2 in Japan and Germany.

    By the way I did read his bio supplied by robhood #3. He is a Jewish self hater.

  3. Judge Mike McConnell wiped the floor with Feldman at a debate at the Berkeley Center for Religious Freedom at Georgetown last year! Feldman is used to his sycophantic followers, but when matched with the brain and integrity of McConnell, it was all balderdash.