Allen West beats up on Obama

September 11, 2012 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. I meant to say the head talker of the GOP needs to go..and why did Romney not talk against the fellow who spoke against Harry Reid? it is because they both are Mormons..who will stick together..and old Karl Rove, all he has is a big mouth and money..Fox needs to throw him off

  2. Yes.
    These are the .Allen West is the best for the job…Rick Sanstrom, President, Michele Bachman vice.President These are the true people who will stand against jihad and stand 110 % for Israel and the United States…
    there are dogs on both sides of Rep and Dem….The head of the Rep,, the cry baby is not who needs to step down. McCain needs to shut up… who sealed the paperwork so wwe could not get the rest of our troops out of Nam..see for yourself on the gov web..they call him Hanoi John over there. As far as I am concerned and the scripture divide HIS Land , He is going to destroy them. the so called peace plan is fake and dangereous. War is coming. and damascus is going to be rubble along with Egypt and parts of psalms 83 will be a big part. The difference between who has the fire power is to KNOW G-d will be as usual with HIS Chosen People. I don’t listen to what men say. only what G-d says..the world best know that the muslim brotherhood is in the rebels..and thick here in the US and all over gov and state. civil war will be here too. what is wrong with people who want to fight for their cover of being called dems or rep..good grief.. how about just stand for truth, dig deep on who is who..what part of obama telling all the world he will stand for Islam don’t they get..either way Islam will loose its splender. and then the ten nations who want to rule will be in place as the one world gov. the old tower of Babel..G-d hated it too and tore it down because of violence. and now the freaks are all for it as they have made much of the world think it is a good idea..shame