No salvation in Fatah

Prof Barry Rubin, GLORIA, just published Palestinian Politics: “Good Guy Fatah vs. ‘Bad Guy’ Hamas” is No Policy Solution in which he concludes,

Here is the paradox: Money is given Fatah it is likely to be stolen, not used to improve the lives of Palestinians. Arms and military training given Fatah will be turned against Israel

Fatah is unwilling to challenge Hamas militarily or even to restrain it–and smaller radical groups–from terror attacks and rocket launching against Israel. It will either reject or not implement any promises it makes in this regard, as experience as repeatedly shown.

The correct response to this unpleasant situation is to decertify the Palestinian movement. Since it failed the test of the peace process, and events since then, and is now in the hands of a movement that opposed the peace process, there is no sense giving it the rewards based on pledges to do otherwise. As before 1993, the world must wait until there emerges a Palestinian movement that is truly ready to cease terrorism, negotiate seriously, and make a permanent peace with Israel. Such a movement would be offered great rewards but until then there is nothing to be gained by dealing with Fatah or Hamas.

To “decertify the Palestinian movement” is to abrogate Oslo.

June 4, 2007 | Comments Off on No salvation in Fatah

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