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  1. @ Shy Guy:
    Lets go over all everyone knows so far.
    A. While the preparations to a major enemy operation was taking place, Washington knew it.
    B. As the attack commences, Washington, Africa command, Langley, Pentagon had live feed. And that continued all along to the monstrous end.
    C. Troops and assets were on stand by at several points within minutes, fighter aircraft 20 minutes away and C-130 s and Seals 2 hours from the scene.
    D. Orders of some type went out to the effect that the rescue was not effected.
    (I doubt that already briefed commands and troops refused to go in).
    E. From SoD to the top there were winks suggesting lack of solid information when everyone has direct feed and memos on hand to the contrary.
    F. For weeks the administration shrilly pointed to a certain video causing a popular protest.

    I do not need much more gentlemen. Open and close case as they say.
    I wonder what other lies, misrepresentations and misinformation have that aggregate sent out to trap the masses.

  2. Rick Buggy Said:

    Mitt Romney needs to talk about this more! He’s got Obama on the ropes but not throwing the KO punch!

    ever wonder “why?”
    ever wondered how a shmegheghe like mccaine was put to face off with this husein musloid?
    ever got a feeling like it is all prearranged and all this, is just killing time to give a semblance of ‘two candidates, one of which is elected democratically’?