Kosovo was a dry run for Palestine

The Road to Jenin
The Racak “massacre” hoax, and those whose honesty it places in doubt: Helena Ranta, NATO, the UN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Associated Press, and Human Rights Watch.

Historical and Investigative Research – last revised October 2005
by Francisco Gil-White


First published in Emperor’s Clothes (16 April 2003)


It appears at first that the title and the subtitle of this piece are not related, but they are, for the road to Jenin runs through Racak.

That may sound strange to those who know their geography because Jenin is a town in the West Bank, and Racak is a town in the Serbian province of Kosovo. But here’s the connection: the Serbian security forces were falsely accused of committing a massacre against Kosovo Albanians in Racak, and later the Israelis were falsely accused of committing a massacre against Arab civilians in Jenin. Both times, both places, the powers that be sent Helena Ranta, a Finish pathologist, to lie — her job was to give the accusations credence.

The Racak accusations were false, and Ranta always knew it.

“It has since turned out, through subsequent investigations by German, French and American correspondents and by human rights and peace groups… that the Racak massacre seems an enormous, albeit effective, hoax…” – The Toronto Sun, April 1, 2001.[6]

Now, this is quite significant, because the allegation of a massacre in the Kosovo town of Racak was NATO’s excuse to start bombing Serbia on March 24, 1999.

If Racak was a hoax, we must ask: did NATO really have a reason to bomb Serbia? The answer is no. Despite years of trying, NATO has failed to produce even one body of an Albanian civilian murdered by Milosevic’s forces. You read correctly: not one.[1]

In this piece I document:

1) that the accusations of a massacre at Racak were false accusations;

2) that the accusations were made as part of an elaborate KLA/CIA hoax; and

3) that Finnish pathologist Helena Ranta, sent to investigate the events at Racak, talked out of both sides of her mouth in order to give NATO the appearance of justification so that it could start bombing Serbia.

Before I do that, however, it is worth briefly considering this question: Given that Ranta helped NATO engineer a hoax at Racak in order to slander the Serbs, why did the UN send Ranta to ‘investigate’ allegations that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had supposedly perpetrated a massacre in Jenin?

Is this coincidence? Or are the Western powers doing to the Israelis the same thing they did to the Serbs?


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  1. Wow somebody seems to have been listening in to me in the 90s! Way before Kosovo, back in the day when Bosnia (hey, the place that brought you WW1) was the news, I started building my theory that this was indeed the practice run for the invasion of Israel foretold in our sources 1500-2500 years ago. All I knew about the Serbs was from a fascinating exhibit they sent to Tel Aviv before the Balkans blew up, and it taught me all I needed to know. If the Jew is the canary in the coal mine, the Serb seems to be its beak. Right on Ted, for bringing us the real stuff yet again.