Francisco Gil-White’s thesis and research

By Ted Belman

Francisco Gil White monitors Israpundit closely. He often is extremely criticle of my postings usually because they don’t go far enough. When he read my article  Obama’s Islamist Connection and Agenda  he wrote:

    The problem with your argument is that it presupposes that there is something new in obama’s embrace of the MB. Not at all. US policy for over 30 years has been to sponsor consistently the growth of islamist radicalism. Remember my prediction that iran would not be attacked.

    It surprised you. I believe it still does. Was I wrong?

Obama’s policies are identical to those of his predecessors

    . And Romney’s, if elected, will be identical to Obama’s. One day you will confess that I was right, but on that day, Alas!, the patient will be dead. It will be in autopsy.

On Qatar, the relationship is in fact quite traditional. Don’t you remember that it was from qatar that the us launched its invasion of Iraq? That was Bush, the republican president. Memory is so short… The only kind of analysis that helps us understand us geopolitics is historical analysis, but we are always frenziedly thinking about last week’s news and therefore never emerge from the grip of the enemy’s propaganda.

I said that I know of nothing to contradict him. He then gave me the following links each of which should be studied.


On qatar, the US, and al jazeera

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  1. All of the comments as well as the position papers by Professor Gil White whose publications I have read for several years, are eminently correct.
    The US policies with reference to Islam moved from supporting more or less controllable dictatorships with a particular tint to placing in power MB’s elites.
    The question is. What if anything has the purported Israeli elites controlled leadership done to follow the flow. Other than crawling about or assaulting Jews as done again last night, that is. Signing “peace papers” with already replaced individuals?
    What’s the plan Mr. Fix?

  2. @ Bernard Ross:
    Essentially, you are right.

    First it is all about oil and the US corporate elites’ financial interest in it.

    In the past the US backed the monarchs or dictators whether they were Islamists of socialist. Now there is a sense that US should shift to backing the MB because fascist governments are more stable than democracies, especially fledgling democracies.

    Obama “explained” that policy in a publicized argument with Hillary Clinton at the White House when Mubarak was overthrown. His explanation? Fascist revolutions are “organic,” and therefore more stable than moderate revolutions.

    Thus Obama is backing the totalitarian MB so that the masses can be controlled and thus stable.

  3. @ yamit82: I read this but dont see Gil Whites reason for US support of MB. Teds reason has some immediate validity and my reaosn has to do with control. That the jihaidsts are seen to be able to secure control of their subjects once in power. The saudis have demonstrated in afghanistan,kosovo,iraq, etc. how useful they can be. Deals are more easily made and are more stable when made with those who can deliver(unlike a democracy). Also, I believe there is interest in the saudi/wahhabi/jihadi cult of mind control wrt internal population control. An obedient internal population. perhaps it is a combination of immediate campaign finance for a deal and a long term interest in the “stability” of MB Rule.

  4. Ted, what reason doe gil white give for the US support of the MB currently and islamic generally over the last 30 years? They were used against the soviets and now against the Egyptian, libyan tunisian and Syrian govts.

  5. US policy for over 30 years has been to sponsor consistently the growth of islamist radicalism….Obama’s policies are identical to those of his predecessors

    It does not appear consistent as the US supported Sadat and Mubarak against the MB and now Obama supports the MB. It supported with Saudis, jihdism against the soviets in afghanistan.
    Ted,I was unable to glean from reading Gil white what the motivation is behind the “US elites goal of wiping out Israel”? What was the motive to bomb the serbs and back the muslim albanians, I wonder if the KLA heroin trade and the albanian mafia was a factor? It appears to me that many hotspots are also drug related.