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  1. It’s rather late for the appearance of all this nonsense about either candidate. The US presidential election will be held five days from now. Whichever of the two candidates receives 270 votes or more of the electoral college, as defined in the Constitution of the United States, will be president of the United States for the next four years, excepting death, disablement or removal from office by impeachment.

    If you and all Israel with you feel tormented by the electoral choices of the American voters — or the half our number who actually vote — then all of us, including me, will say that is just too damned bad. People who put themselves into positions of dependency on strangers to their family and their nation get whatever is coming to them, for better or for worse.

    You ought to have long ago made it your business to understand that regardless of who runs the United States, its power-holders shall regard their counterparts in Israel as nothing more than their local Judenrat, playing at the pretenses of an independent government. Why? Because they are drunk with power, and they regard you as little more than impudent dependents.

    Stop acting, talking and writing about peripheral issues, and concentrate — that means with total focus — on what the State of Israel needs to do on behalf of the re-arising Jewish nation, and what is required to build Jewish power relative to all the goyim — enemy or friendly — so that all future threats can be guarded against and warded off.

    All that counts, now and forever in the life of the eternal Jewish nation, is to expand itself on the soil of Eretz-Yisrael and enemy territories that surround Eretz-Yisrael; and to expand the size of the population of the Jewish nation who shall be the future inhabitants of those expanded territories; and to expand the economic, agricultural, and natural resource base of these territories.

    Let us all stop deceiving ourselves about the nature of the world. The territorial imperative is hard-wired into the core of being of all life. The rules of the territorial imperative are simultaneously implacable and remorseless. Live or die. Eat or be eaten. Be aggressive winners or defensive losers.

    I am fully aware that what I write here is as ugly and brutal as having one’s bones systematically broken. But you have to ask yourselves, is this the truth, or do any of you have any serious evidence to dispute it?

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  2. Barack Obama is not eligible to be president in any way except his age!

    Barack Obama has never worked an honest day in his life–he grew up in privilege–and is completely out of touch with the American people–including Negros.

    Barack Obama was given a place [not earned by academic excellence] in universities and when there he was given grades he did not earn and passed along–due to affirmative action, i.e., cultural Marxism–this is why his grades are hidden.

    Barack Obama was illegally put into the office of the president based upon the affirmative action, i.e., cultural Marxism of the Marxist democrat media–they lied and covered up the truth about him and still do for the most.

    This is what affirmative action, i.e., cultural Marxism is and accomplishes–it for the most places incompetent people in positions of authority in business and in all three branches of American government–for the purpose of weakening America and promoting Cultural and economic Marxism!

    I knew who and what Barack Obama was from the beginning–and this is why I vehemently opposed him!

  3. Ted, your snopes link disagrees that it is the Harvard law review but instead the promotional booklet written in may 2012; from snopes:

    it is NOT part of any yearbook published by Harvard.