From the Office of Israel Public Diplomacy

Talking Points for Operation “Pillar of Defense”

19.11.2012 06:00

1. We would prefer to achieve the objectives of the operation without a ground offensive, but if the only way to protect the citizens of Israel is through a ground offensive then we will do so.

2. Last night the IDF continued its strikes and tens of thousands of reserve troops are prepared to launch a wide ground offensive.

3. The operation has attained significant achievements – Hamas and the other terror organizations in the Gaza Strip have been hit hard:

a. A surgical strike on Hamas’ top commander Ahmad Ja’abri, who was responsible for the deaths of scores of Israelis, as well as striking many other terrorists, including the commander of its anti-tank forces, the regional commanders of Hamas and rocket-launching cells.

b. The air force has inflicted significant damage to the long range Fajr rocket system, and mid and short-range rockets. The IDF has also interfered with the rocket fire to Israel – most of the rockets fired have landed in open areas and some have even fallen in the Gaza Strip.

c. The IDF has inflicted significant damage to Hamas headquarters in the Gaza Strip, including the office of Ismail Haniya, the Interior Ministry, the police compound, training camps, etc.

d. The IDF is conducting intensive strikes against the launching centers and the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, including weapons storage facilities and tunnels. From the start of operations, more than 1200 targets have been hit. (In contrast to 150 targets in all of Operation Cast Lead.)

4. As the strikes intensify, there are many efforts by the international community to end the exchange of fire.

5. Israel appreciates the support of many countries of Israel’s right to defend itself from attacks from the Gaza Strip. In a conversation with US President Barack Obama, the Prime Minister expressed his deep appreciation for the President’s support of Israel’s right to defend itself and for the US’ contribution in developing the Iron Dome system.

6. In discussions with world leaders, the Prime Minister asked them – ‘what would you do in a situation where your citizens were subjected to incessant rocket fire?’

7. IDF operations are done in the most precise and ‘surgical’ manner as possible to limit civilian casualties, which is made possible by using accurate intelligence and precision-guided munitions. Though nearly all of the targets have been located in densely populated areas, the number of casualties is relatively small. The IDF also employs a number of techniques to warn the civilian population: distributing fliers, making phone calls, sending text messages, and other techniques.

Gaza is an Iranian forward operating base: it is the source of the long-range Fajr 5 rockets, and most of the weapons used by the terrorists. Iran has trained and prepared most of the terrorists and has transferred millions of dollars to fund the terrorist organizations.

It is imperative to follow the instructions of the Home Front Command. Doing so saves lives and assists the operation against terror from the Gaza Strip.
10. The investment of billions of shekels by the government into home front preparedness, particularly early-warning and siren systems have proven themselves.

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  1. I agree, Hamas cannot be trusted. The best thing would be to invade the strip and completely and permanently remove the terrorist elements.

  2. Israel must not let Hamas call the shots…..Israel must stay on coarse. Hamas in the ceasefire is demanding that conditions improve in Gaza. Say what? If Hamas never had control in Gaza in the first place Israel wouldn’t have the dilema now with rockets raining into Israel – reaching a much further range than 4 years ago. Forget this crap about saving face. Forget how the media is biased. There is enough proof that Israel must stick with her conditions that Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel…..period. Israel should not give anything in return. Israel has given too much already and it is obvious that the PA is not looking for a peaceful solution. Their idea of a peaceful solution is to rid Israel of Jews. Don’t give away any more of the family farm BB. Look at what is happening in Gaza right now. A two state solution is no solution. The UN screwed up and Israel including Jews worldwide should not stand for this. We need to have a united front. Perhaps there is a reason why we are scattered all over the world…..

  3. Even Haaretz and Meretz’s Madame Defarge Zehava Galon are flustered to discovered 99% of Israeli Jews and two thirds of Israeli Arabs – that’s right – support the war!

    Israel’s population is only 75% Jewish so this means that only a very tiny minority of Jews and an even small proportion of Arabs oppose the war! This is bad news for the Israeli Left that wants the Israeli government to capitulate early without a clear victory.

    In a reality, a cease-fire is a ways off and Hamas still does NOT grasp how badly its being beaten!