Creating Palestine would be an act of national suicide

Itamar Marcus of PMW was asked in May in a Jerusalem Post interview of his feelings on a Palestinian state . “I believe my answer covers many of the reasons why today it is too dangerous for any moderate person to suggest Israel accept a state.”

Q: Where do you stand, personally, on the peace process?

    A: I want the Arabs of Gaza, Judea and Samaria governing themselves, but one must not permit a murderer to live beside one’s family. The PA, from Hamas to the Aksa Brigades of the Fatah, is a confirmed terror authority, until it proves otherwise. Self- delusion that there are moderates will not change reality.

    Statehood is not just a flag and a national anthem. It means Palestinian control over land, sea and air, and border crossings. A Palestinian state, even if it was officially demilitarized, would accumulate within a few years a vast arsenal of weapons that could kill thousands and tens of thousands of Israelis. This is not just possible, it is 100% certain. Just look at the mammoth arms buildup today – when they don’t control the crossings.

    As a state they would also control 60% of Israel’s water, which originates in the aquifers that cross the Green Line. Given the water needs of a developing Palestinian industry and agriculture, even ignoring increased needs as refugees poured in, it would only be a matter of time, 10 to 20 years, before a Palestinian state would need and use every drop of water before it reached Israel. We would be at their mercy and could be destroyed ecologically.

    This is all documented, and is ignored by those who present unilateral withdrawals and a Palestinian state without conditions as an Israeli interest. It is not an Israeli interest.

So you do not support creating a Palestinian state in the short term?

    Because a wall cannot prevent missiles from flying over and cannot stop water theft from under the ground, there is no such thing as “separation” from the Palestinian Arabs no matter how much we desire it. Statehood is not just a nice gesture. Unless we have control over the water, crossings, air space and so much more, all conditions the Palestinians and the world would never agree to, Palestinian statehood is life-threatening for Israel.

    And even if a Palestinian leader were sincere, remember, we live in an Islamic Middle East where most Muslims believe that Allah has determined Israel must be destroyed. Once Iran was led by the shah and today it has [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad. Look at Turkey and the Islamic forces threatening [President Hosni] Mubarak in Egypt. A peace deal with a moderate Palestinian leader – were one to come along – would not guarantee that a Hamas or Ahmadinejad would not replace him in five or 10 years.

    A peace agreement will not cause Hamas and its millions of supporters to reinterpret their beliefs to secular humanist Islam.

    In addition, radical Islamic ideology will be strengthened in the PA by even small Israeli withdrawals, as it was after the Gush Katif withdrawal. A withdrawal that would put all 6 million Israelis within missile range will not bring peace. It’s an invitation to death and destruction.

So where do we go from here?

    Israel must develop policy that’s not based on hope of a New Middle East, but based on the true Middle East. By studying the PA media and schoolbooks, we know exactly where we are living, we know who our neighbors are and we will also know the day when a New Middle East arrives.
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  1. Itamar Marcus has addressed the U.S. Congress regarding his findings as one of the founders of PMW.
    MEMRI has also provided the same type of information from all over the greater middle east.
    Anyone with a modicum of sense and a ‘minimal volume’ of gray matter can understand what the PA is and what it stands for. Its goals and objectives are simple – the destruction of Israel and annihilation of the Jewish nation.
    Nothing has changed (ideologically) for these Arabs (mostly Muslims)- since the days when Haj Amin al Husseini was Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – who now call themselves “Palestinians.”
    Hence, any individual who advocates for the creation of yet another Palestinian state (# 1 is Jordan, # 2 is now Gaza) is also simultaneously advocating for the destruction of Israel.
    This includes many Israelis and Jews who advocate for the creation of another Palestinian state.
    It is therefore incumbent upon all of us with a voice to rail against and do everything in our power to oppose and refute the creation of a 3rd Palestinian state.
    It should be obvious that the EU and U.S. are advocating for the destruction and Balkanization of Israel.
    In the U.S., it is not just Condi Rice or Jim Baker or Zbignew Breszinski or Jimmy Carter that is chomping at the bit to gut Israel. President Bush and many Republicans and Democrats who advocate negotiating with murderous, Nazified Palestians – ie., the PA/ABBAS – are also guilty of advocating for Israel’s destruction.
    Any Presidential candidate who advocates negotiating with the PA, even someone like Rudi Giuliani, is guilty of the same.
    Please consider calling and/or faxing the White House, State Dept. and Congressman/Senators with a letter and a copy of the interview above with Itamar Marcus. He was given an audience by Congress.

    Jeff (

  2. These strong words from Itamar Marcus stop short of proposing solutions other then looking at things realistically to find solutions.

    If one follows Marcus’ logic, the only solution that assures Israel of a very long term future is one where Israel annexes Gaza and all the West Bank and the Palestinians are transferred to Jordan or anywhere else.

    Others have already suggested such transfer be facilitated by using the annual welfare stipend of about a billion dollars annually now given to Palestinian leadership be put into the pocket of each and every Palestinian family willing move and start a real life somewhere else, with enough cash in their jeans to give them a wonderful head start.

    The problem is that those others who have proposed such solutions are treated like racist pariahs by a politically correct West that is vulnerable to the power of oil and submissive in fear of the power of radical Islamists to rally Muslims worldwide to join or support them in their war against the West.

    If I am wrong in where Marcus is headed with his views, perhaps he can drop in and let us know exactly what he has in mind.

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