Birdman and the Reality Revolution – part 1

Objective reality exists.

The ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy is an essential survival skill. If a man believes he can fly and jumps off a twenty story ledge he falls to his death because gravity is an objective fact and force of nature. Birdman’s fantasy (subjective reality) cannot compete with the fact of gravity (objective reality).

Let’s break down the process of thinking and doing. Thinking is a private matter and human beings are free to think their thoughts at any time in any place. Birdman is free to think he can fly without consequence to himself or others. It is the moment he steps off the ledge that his subjective reality collides with objective reality.

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The Who and the What of Behavior: The Reality Revolution – part 2

The ability to distinguish between fact (objective reality) and fiction (subjective reality) is an essential survival skill.

Children are easily controlled because they live in the world of feelings and subjective reality. They have not been taught the critical thinking skills required to survive as adults in the world of objective reality.

Civil society and the laws that govern it are based on the acceptance of objective reality. The idea of blind justice is foundational because it evaluates the WHAT of behavior not the WHO. This is an extremely important distinction because it separates childish feelings that focus on the WHO of behavior from adult rational thinking that focuses on the WHAT. This is how it works.
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The Leftist War Against America Requires a Reality Revolution – part 3

The Leftist progressive movement has adopted the binary victim/oppressor social structure of cultural Marxism. White males are the identified oppressors and everyone else is their victim. Classical Marxism identifies the oppressors as the bourgeoisie (owners of production) who exploit the proletariat (the workers). The metric of classical Marxism is economics. Cultural Marxism is a departure because it relabels the players in the drama and defines culture as the metric of exploitation.
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