Ukraine war and Russia and China

By Peloni

Mercouris had an interview with former US Diplomat, Chas Freeman, mostly on the Ukraine war and Russia and China on which Freeman offers a very informative conversation.  He was the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the early 90’s, and was involved in the US Foreign Service for about 30yrs til the mid 90’s.  I recalled Freeman from the notoriety around his appointment to the National Intelligence Council during Obama’s first term, a nomination for which he failed to be confirmed before withdrawing due to the marked controversy which was raised during the election season.  He blamed the Likud and their American allies for having scuttled his nomination, but the truth is that it was his own pronounced pro-Saudi and his anti-Israel positions which led to the opposition to his nomination.  In any event, there is not a great deal of discussion in the interview on the Middle East outside of the Saudi’s relations with China and Russia,  and notably only a single swipe at Israel.  I have to admit that I nearly did not watch the interview due to my recollections of and dislike for Freeman, but I am quite pleased that I did.  Here is the link:

New World Order w/ Ambassador Chas Freeman, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

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